Repair An Appliance Or Buy a New One

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    Repair An Appliance Or Buy a New One?

    Repair An Appliance Or Buy a New One?

    The only time we remember how much of a godsend our appliances are, is when they break down on us.

    All home appliances eventually wear down with repeated use, but it can put us in quite a panicky state when they do.

    You could get confused if your appliance needs some repair or if you have to replace it.

    If you are in a similar situation or just educating yourself before it happens, here are some things you can ask yourself to guide you in deciding on your course of action.

    Is your appliance broken?

    Few can induce so much panic and agitation whenever we find that our appliance won’t work anymore.

    But before you decide to buy a replacement or call for expert help, check for the obvious things first.

    A common mistake is forgetting to plug the appliance properly.

    So before you come to conclusions, check if the appliance is adequately powered.

    How much would the repair cost?

    The required repairs to an appliance depend on how much of the machinery is worn down or broken.

    The damage can range from one simple component that can be easily replaced or multiple parts requiring an extensive repair session.

    A few simple damages with cheap costs is a sure decision for repairs.

    Multiples repairs though, can get trickier.

    A tip from professional appliance experts is the 50 percent rule.

    If your repairs cost more than half the price of a new appliance, then it might be better to consider a suitable replacement.

    However, replacing your appliance consists of not only its price but also other costs such as installation fees or adjustments to your home to ensure that the new appliance will function.

    You might just spend more money on replacing your appliance compared to paying for its repairs.

    If you truly need to budget, you have to plan and consider all costs before coming to a decision.

    Going for the right choice can save you more money for other needs.

    Is the appliance at the end of its lifespan?

    It is an understanding that your appliance will eventually break down and need to be replaced.

    You can put a date to when your appliance is expected to stop running.

    Here are the average life expectancy of various common household appliances.

    • Microwave: 9 years
    • Electric range: 13 years
    • Gas range: 15 years
    • Range hood: 14 years
    • Exhaust fan: 10 years
    • Refrigerator: 13 years
    • Freezer: 11 years
    • Dishwasher: 9 years
    • Washer: 10 years
    • Dryer: 13 years
    • Disposal: 12 years
    • Compactor: 6 years

    The 50 percent rule is also applicable to this factor.

    All home appliances eventually wear down with repeated use, but it can put us in quite a panicky state when they do.

    Replacing all of its worn components with new ones could be an alternative, but you are basically paying for a new one or even more.

    If getting a replacement is less expensive, then it will be in your budget’s best interest to choose this route.

    Would a new appliance be more energy efficient?

    One of the perks of the latest appliances is that they are more efficient in energy consumption.

    Old appliances such as from ten to twenty years ago consume too much energy.

    For example, according to ENERGY STAR, a fridge from the 1980s consumes 300$ worth of energy per year while the latest models consume only 46$.

    A word of caution, though, before choosing a replacement.

    Depending on the price of the latest models of home appliances, you might be spending thousands on the appliance just to save a few hundred on energy bills.

    A tip to help you decide on this issue is how long your stay in that home will be.

    If you’re planning to reside in the property for more than a decade, then a worthy upgrade, such as energy efficiency, will be better for you in the long run.

    If you’re staying in that place for only a few years, then it might be better for your budget to bear with your appliance or stick to buying a cheaper one.

    In Summary

    Choosing whether to repair or replace your appliances can get quite messy if you’re uninformed and unplanned.

    These tips will help you formulate a proper decision both for you and your budget.

    After all, a choice you’ve extensively studied will be a choice you’ll be satisfied with.

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