How To Fix A Washing Machine

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    Are you tired of searching “washer repairman near me” on the internet? Are you planning to try and fix it yourself but afraid that it might worsen the situation?

    Worry no more because we’re going to teach you how to fix it by yourself. So don’t miss this.

    These types of repairs can be troublesome but we’ll make it easier for you.

    Using some basic repair tools, you can save as much as US$150 and you can start your washer repair business as well by giving job opportunities to others.

    It may take quite some time to diagnose the issue, getting parts and completing the repair, but it’ll surely be worth it.

    Don’t get yourself hurt or worst die due to electrical power shock.

    In order for you to avoid that, you need to turn the power button down and unplug your washing machine.

    Unusual noise in terms of grinding?

    How to fix a washing machine? By popping the snap retainers using a screwdriver and pulling its pump off on the shaft of the motor is the first thing that you need to do.

    Then you should detach the electrical connectors from its motor.

    If you have a whirlpool direct-drive washing machine, then a coupler might be broken.

    This is usually caused by machine overload.

    Problems regarding its draining features. Stay for more and you’ll get the fixing done.

    Replacing its pump might do the trick.

    Tip the machine a little bit and support it with a stable block.

    Next is by removing the pump belt, and the 3 pump retaining screws.

    Then tilting the pump in a forward manner in order for you to lift it out open.

    When an incident such as stucked fabrics or jewelries in the hose to its pump or the pump itself, a clog will occur and it won’t drain properly.

    Worst is that a squealing sound or a grinding sound with a burning rubber smell can occur.

    Just remove the hose first from the tub to the pump (drain some of the water into a basin) and check for obstruction like socks.

    Then use a stick or any solid sticklike material with a hook at the end then pull out the obstruction.

    Next thing that you need to do is check the pump for chipped blades giving it a shake.

    Turn the pump shaft and make sure that it spins freely.

    Immediately replace all the damaged parts such as the pump, and belts.

    But don’t buy ordinary substitutes like V-belt for it might ruin the unit.

    For Slow Water Filling

    You have to replace its water valve.

    In order to do that, you need to remove its water vale bracket and set up the new valve.

    Next is that you need to transfer the hot and cold electrical connectors to the newly connected valve.

    Compress the spring clamp for you to install the fill hose.

    Clean the inlet screens of the water valve to make it fill normally.

    Else, replace the water valve assembly.

    If there is no agitation on spin?

    How to fix the washing machine? Replacing the lid switch is the answer.

    If the washer is not spinning, just remove the lid switch lifting the locking tab and sliding its switch to the front as you diagnose the reason for the issue.

    Setting the slot and pulling it backward let you install the new switch.

    If the machine is just filling it with water and it just sits there, then there might be a broken lid switch.

    To check the switch, you’ll need a continuity or a multimeter tester.

    Next is by removing the wire connection of the switch you can then touch the tester’s probes to the switch’s connectors. An alternate reading of continuity should be seen in the tester else, replace the switch.

    To replace the switch, you can either remove the two screws and attach the new screw or unscrew the access panel located around its console then replace it with the switch.

    Remember to lift the lid before removing the old switch.

    You can now enjoy your newly fixed washing machine without spending time and gas money to look for some washing machine repair man aside from saving money from the repairman’s fee.

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