How Long Does a Commercial Dryer Take

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    How Long Does a Commercial Dryer Take

    How Long Does a Commercial Dryer Take

    Regular washing and drying of clothes and sheets is a common task that everyone does.

    Of course, wearing a bunch of clothes means a lot to wash.

    The dryer helps us in our laundry activities.

    Residential and commercial dryers differ in the amount of load materials thus the need to discern the power of the dryer you should use.

    Commercial dryers come in different power and load capacity.

    Using the dryer can last for about 20 to 40 minutes depending on the kind and material of the fabric.

    Like any other equipment, dryers need attention.

    The key in extending the life of your commercial dryer is to conduct a regular maintenance procedure.

    For businesses, a routine maintenance and inspection will prolong the dryer’s life and avoid unwanted issues.

    It is necessary to schedule an inspection from a trusted home appliance company.

    A1 Appliance Repair provides a fast, reliable and quality service. If you are residing in East York or in Etobicoke, A1 is a call away.

    Advantages and Disadvantages of a Dryer Machine

    One thing to consider in buying a dryer machine is the quality of the equipment itself.

    Dryer machines are costly and may be out of the budget.

    It is necessary for you to know the advantages and disadvantages of having one.


    • You can decide when and what time to dry the clothes.
    • Save time and effort.
    • A clean working condition.
    • Fully dried clothes are easy to iron and fold.
    • Checking weather conditions is unnecessary.


    • Dryers are expensive.
    • Consumes a lot of electricity. Dryers take up at least twice its voltage capacity.
    • The level of air-drying is constant. Damages on the thin clothes can happen if exposed to so much heat.

    Commercial Dryer Maintenance Tips

    ‘How long does a commercial dryer take?’.

    This is a common question by owners and prospect buyers.

    The duration of the dryers depends on the amount of care you give it.

    Like any other equipment, it needs attention and maintenance from time to time.

    A commercial appliance repair is inevitable.

    Knowing a few maintenance tips might do the trick.

    • Check the tubes of your dryer. The type and quality of the tube must conform with the fire safety standards. Using the wrong tube is dangerous.
    • Clean the lint filter after every use. Making sure that it is free from any dust and residue can reduce fire outburst.
    • Dryer venting tubes need proper cleaning and inspection once or twice a year. Lint build-up will cause troubles when you use your dryers later on. So keep it clean and safe at all times.
    • Observe how long the clothes dry up inside the machine. If it takes longer than usual, then your dryer needs an intensive clean up.
    • Clean the interior parts of your dryer once or twice a year. Keeping it checked and clean at all times will save from spending too much on repair.

    The maintenance tips mentioned above will prolong the life of your dryers.

    If you want an expert’s touch, remember to call A1 Appliance Repair.

    If you want to challenge yourself, follow the steps in this video.

    Commercial Dryer Repair Tips

    Repairing a commercial dryer machine needs a broad knowledge on the type of repair to use. Knowing what the problem is can save you time and effort. Listed below are some repair tips that you can do.

    • A noisy dryer machine means there is a problem with its drum glides. Try removing the glides and inspect the drums. Visible wear and tear needs immediate replacement.
    • Starting the dryer issues. Start issues may be because of different factors – door switches or thermal fuses. Door switches issues need checking and replacement. Also, a broken thermal fuse needs attention right away.
    • Dryer doesn’t start but produces a humming sound then the drive motors are causing the problems. Drive motors involve high voltage, so this is best done by experts from A1.
    • Any sign of burn marks on the dryer’s main control board needs an immediate repair. Repair on the control board is impossible, it is best to replace it with a new one.
    • Your dryer’s timer needs checking from time to time. Failure on its function will cause troubles. Unplug the dryer then check the timer using the multimeter.
    • If the fuses or the circuit breakers blow, then the terminal block causes the issue. Potential hazard is inevitable during this issue. Having an expert repair it will save you from any troubles.

    If you are experiencing an appliance problem, then follow the tips and do the repair yourself. Remember, doing repair needs ample knowledge on the machine itself.

    If you are uneasy, call A1 Appliance Repairs. If you up on some challenge, these repairs tip video might be of some help.

    A1 Appliance Repair Services

    Different people use different methods in drying their washed clothes.

    For convenience, drying it with the help of a commercial dryer speed up the process.

    One can throw the wet clothes inside the dryer and the machine will do the magic.

    You cannot deny the comfort and benefits you can get from the dryer machines.

    But it is necessary to keep it checked and maintained.

    Knowing where and who to call is the key to prolonging the life of your dryers.

    A1 Appliance Repairs is a company with over a decade in the field of home appliance repair.

    Moreover, A1 extends their service by offering an effective commercial appliance repair.

    All services are fast, reliable and high-quality.

    If you are in need of a best repair company, give A1 a call and expect a quick response.

    If you live in East York or in Etobicoke, the service of A1 is a call away.

    For more information, visit the official website at A1 Appliance

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