Lights Dimming When Turning On the Appliance

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    Lights Dimming When Turning On the Appliance

    Lights Dimming When Turning On the Appliance

    You might be wondering how lights dim every time you turn on your appliance.

    What’s more, you find this happening now and then.

    The problem might be a severe issue that could trigger dangers such as a fire.

    Moreover, this guide will help you go through different reasons why lights dim when turning on the appliance and what you can do with it.

    Why are Lights Dimming When Turning on the Appliance?

    While there are repairs that you can do on your own, it’s best to leave the job to the experts in York when it comes to electrical problems.

    Here are some of the common causes of lights dimming when turning on the appliance and troubleshooting tips.

    Circuits are Overloaded

    A residential electrical circuit requires limited power to turn on appliances.

    However, once it generates too much, the circuit becomes overloaded.

    Besides, this is the most common issue why are lights dimming when turning on the appliance.

    Upon turning on the washing machine, dishwasher, or own, check if the light is connected to these appliance’s circuit lines.

    You should place larger appliances on a different circuit separate from the lights.

    Watch this video on how to handle the devices to avoid danger and injury to you and your family.

    Wiring is Faulty

    This is another reason why lights dim when turning on an appliance.

    The wiring in your house might be outdated or malfunctioning to handle the current devices in your home.

    When an appliance uses too much current, the voltage might drop, which causes the lights to dim.

    If you have an older house and newer appliances, this could be a common problem.

    An old house could not handle modern devices that require large amounts of current and power.

    To fix this issue, change the wiring. Or, you can call an electrician to check the wirings.

    Problems on Power Grid

    If you have checked the issues above and your lights still dim when you turn on the appliances, there might be a power grid problem.

    Often, abnormalities or malfunctioning of the power grid can affect the lights in your home.

    It is also due to an upsurge of demand in the resources that your neighborhood cannot provide sufficiently.

    Bulbs are Old

    A lightbulb is like any electrical device that needs replacing when it’s near the end of the lifespan.

    Because when it’s old, the filaments inside can become brittle, resulting in the flickering of lights.

    When faced with this problem, the solution is easy. Simply replace the older bulb with a new one.

    Wires are Corroded or Loose

    When lights dim upon turning on the appliances, this could be a safety concern because it can lead to fire because of the sparks.

    Another reason that is causing the light to flicker is corroded wires at the main breaker.

    If the wires are corroded upon inspection, make sure to call a licensed electrician to give you an accurate diagnosis and necessary repairs.

    Safety Reminders

    Handling electrical devices are dangerous, that’s why it’s essential to call an electrician to troubleshoot the issues.

    A DIY repair is never recommended because it’s unsafe, and you might even do more damage.

    It’s undoubtedly hazardous to diagnose the issues yourself as you might risk yourself and your family to dangers too.

    When you see lights dimming when turning on the appliance, you should call a professional to fix the issue as soon as possible.

    Flickering is a sign of a circuit, wiring, or an appliance problem.

    It can also be a sign of a bad connection problem that can spark a fire when you don’t fix the problem right away.

    With this, don’t hesitate to call an electrician in Etobicoke or York.

    Ask for assistance!

    When the methods above don’t resolve flickering problems in your house, it might be an issue with the appliance itself.

    Appliances and lights are electrical devices that are prone to malfunction.

    Hence, you need to inspect the issue with an electrician or a commercial appliance repair in York.

    Call us for assistance when you need to resolve your light issues related to appliances.

    We will inspect your devices if they might be causing the lights to flicker.

    However, if the problem is beyond our expertise, we can refer you to a reliable electrician to solve the issue, especially if it’s related to wiring.

    Call A1 Appliance Repairs if you need help!

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