How Long Does A Dryer Last – Repair Or Replace?

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    How Long Does A Dryer Last – Repair Or Replace?

    How Long Does A Dryer Last – Repair Or Replace?

    Technology has done an excellent job of innovating the laundry industry, especially dryers.

    Dryers are one of the best inventions out there in the market.

    Hence, they are the most popular and used household appliances.

    Before, you have to wash the clothes with your hands, and then carry all of them to dry out in your backyard.

    Luckily, drying has become easier nowadays.

    You only have to place the laundry into the washer/dryer, click the button, then wait for it to clean and dry the clothes.

    Unfortunately, nothing lasts long, and our appliances are not an exception.

    Once your dryer shows signs of giving up, you might be tempted to buy a new one to avoid the hassle of repairs.

    However, there are indicators when to repair and replace a dryer.

    This guide will discuss how long does a dryer last – repair or replace? Read more to find out.

    The Lifespan of a Dryer

    As with all things, everything comes to an end, especially to your appliances.

    It might seem like you just purchased your dryer yesterday, then the next thing you know is it’s getting old.

    But if you want to know when to repair or replace your dryer, a rule of thumb is to know its lifespan.

    If it is beyond its years, it’s better to replace it rather than opting to repair it.

    When it comes to the dryer, it generally lasts between 10 to 13 years from the purchase date.

    This number of years is the maximum you can get with the dryer, depending on how you maintain it.

    There are times that it can even last up to 20 years if you’ve been performing regular maintenance to it.

    However, note that when the dryer reaches the 13th year, you should check its condition if it’s still working well. Otherwise, a replacement is the best option.

    If you’re serious about extending the life of your dryer, watch this video on maintenance tips.

    Repair or Replace?

    Now the question is when to repair or replace the dryer?

    The answer depends on the current state of your appliance.

    Hence, you need to investigate your dryer.

    After spotting the problems, you can contact a residential technician in York on what must be done for your appliance.

    Moreover, these are common problems with dryers:

    • Vents are clogged
    • Thermal fuse is in bad condition
    • Thermostat is malfunctioning
    • Temperature switch does not work
    • Belt is broken
    • Motor is causing issues
    • Start switch is damaged
    • Dryer does not heat up
    • Dryer suddenly shuts off
    • Dryer is causing noise
    • Dryer won’t start
    • It takes forever to dry out the clothes

    Generally, with the above problems, repairs are needed.

    You can contact A1 Appliance Repairs to solve the issues for you. Call us now!

    Furthermore, these are the two indicators when to buy a new dryer.

    The dryer once caught fire.

    When you encountered your dryer generated a small fire when you used it, it’s not wise to use it again.

    The flare-up is a sign that there’s something wrong with one of the components of your dryer.

    One of the parts that might be damaged is the wire casings.

    When there’s a fire, it can risk your electrocution.

    With this, do not touch your dryer in the meantime.

    Call for a residential or commercial appliance repair to inspect the issue.

    The dryer is old.

    If your dryer is beyond its years, then it’s time to invest in a new one.

    Aside from age, there are other reasons why you should replace it:

    An old dryer can cost you more money.

    Wondering why your electric bill increases for the month? Maybe it’s the dryer’s fault for being old.

    Despite purchasing an EnergyStar certified one; the energy-saving feature will lose its value over time.

    Look at the wiring in your dryer. Usually, with old dryers, the wirings get cracked or peeled off.

    With this, you need to call a repairman in York or buy a new one instead.

    Conclusion: How long does a dryer last – repair or replace?

    After reading this guide (How long does a dryer last – repair or replace?), you should know what to do.

    If it’s beyond 13 years or its life expectancy, replace the dryer.

    However, if your dryer is not drying out the clothes, causing noise, or won’t start, you can always ask for help from A1 Appliance Repairs.

    Consult your dryer problems with us to be sure.

    We will inspect the condition of your dryer to know whether to replace or repair it.

    If you’re in York, call us now!

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