Common Home Appliance Problems

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    Common Home Appliance Problems

    Common Home Appliance Problems

    Our home is a structure for activities and gatherings.

    It is a place where you can fulfill a household function or doing leisure activities with your family.

    We always look forward to filling it with appliances to help us have a comfortable home environment.

    Home appliances are equipment that helps you do household activities.

    These appliances are used to help us with a distinct home chore.

    For example, using a vacuum cleaner or a dishwasher can save our home or business personnel a ton of energy.

    Home appliances make your life easier.

    But, encountering a common home appliance problem is stressing.

    In Aurora, people enjoy an easier life with the help of different appliances.

    House chores like washing, cooking, baking, cleaning, purifying and playing are bearable.

    Residential appliances should be in good condition to avoid troubles later on.

    Of course, calling A1 Appliance Repairs is beneficial to you and to your equipment.

    Washing Machine

    Every household uses a washing machine to wash clothes. Of course, a designated utility area for washers is in the layout.

    Washing clothes weekly or every other week is necessary to have. Overtime, washer issues happen.

    One tip to remember: separate light and heavy fabrics. Large, heavy and overloading will kill your washing machine.

    Be attentive every time you load clothes. Doing this simple task will save you from any trouble later on.

    Furthermore, wipe and clean the washing machine after use. Making sure that everything is dry before closing the lid.

    Also, remove dirt residues to avoid clogging. To help you understand, you can follow the steps in this video.


    With the advancement of technology, dishwashers come like a storm.

    It is a common house appliance that helps in cleaning the dishes automatically.

    It reduces your work and provides an easier way.

    Manual labor and on hand washing takes a lot of time. Fortunately, a dishwasher can solve this issue.

    It is necessary to keep an eye on it and handle it with care.

    Dishwasher issues can be handy. Especially to those who do not know basic knowledge about home appliance repair.

    For your convenience, call A1 Appliance Repairs immediately.

    You can follow the steps in this video in cleaning and maintaining your dishwasher.


    A laundry dryer is an appliance used for drying wet clothes. During rainy seasons, dryers come into use.

    A damaged or broken clothes dryer is easy to fix. Bear in mind that dryers consume double voltages.

    So, unplug the appliance before doing a repair or maintenance.

    Check the circuit breaker if the fuses are in good condition.

    If not, replace the broken fuse and check if it works.

    Also, make sure that the breakers are in good placement.

    If you notice that your dryer doesn’t reach its heating capacity, call A1 immediately.

    Difficult dryer issues are best repaired by an expert from A1.

    Follow the steps provided in this video in cleaning your dryers.


    Stoves are a good source of heat, producing less smoke and efficiency.

    Stoves started during the Roman era.

    Now, people from all over the world use stoves for convenience and energy saving.

    The stove is one of the most important kitchen appliances.

    It plays an important role in cooking, sautéing, heating, frying and warming. When it fails, it is very troublesome.

    Having it checked, repaired and maintained from time to time can avoid troubles.

    Thus, keeping all kitchen equipment in good condition will save you a few bucks.

    Whenever you notice a stove problem, call an expert and have it checked.


    A refrigerator is a place where you can store goods. Scientifically, a low temperature reduces the bacterial growth.

    That is why food in the refrigerator is safe for consumption.

    Moreover, storing food in the fridge keeps the freshness of the goods.

    Common fridge issues like the lights and seals are easy.

    Replace the broken light with a working bulb and also clean the door seals.

    Also, check the placement of the fridge to avoid buzzing sounds.

    One tip to remember: keep your fridge at three/fourth full level at all times.

    Overloading the fridge is dangerous.

    So, keeping it checked and managing the goods inside is the key.

    To help you in cleaning your fridges, follow the steps in this video.

    For a more comprehensive inspection, call an expert from A1.

    A1 ensures a fast and reliable service.

    Moreover, the services are affordable and we are just a call away.

    A1 Appliance Repair Services

    Home is a place where special and important people gather.

    It is a place where you can create, dream, love and wonder.

    Home gives security, belongingness, joy, privacy, identity, and memories.

    It is a place where one can always come back to.

    Home appliances make our lives easier and comfortable.

    Denying the benefits of it is disturbing. A day without it can be messy and full of troubles.

    Overtime, these appliances lose their power and eventually break down.

    It is essential for you to know who to call during an appliance problem.

    A1 Appliance Repairs is a company with a 12-year experience in the field of home appliance repair.

    All services are fast, reliable and a call away.

    Our repair staff and experts work 24/7 to provide a quality service.

    We are very particular as comprehensive inspection and maintenance are conducted.

    Special offers befall to the regular customers and the services are affordable.

    Whether you have a fridge or stove issue, A1 Appliance Repair Services are yours to enjoy.

    A1 has a quick response team that handles all transactions.

    Call A1 and be free from any appliance issue. For more information, you can visit A1 Appliance Repairs.

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