How Long Do Ovens Last

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    How Long Do Ovens Last?

    How Long Do Ovens Last?

    Want to know how long do ovens last? Watch this quick video

    Ovens have been around since the earliest civilizations.

    They have been used as far back as 29000 B.C as a practical, ingenious invention by humans to cook food and provide warmth

    And as technology evolved, so did the ovens.

    Nowadays, it is common to find gas or electric-powered ovens in households.

    But even an appliance as hard-working as ovens have a time limit, especially if they’re well used.

    Here’s what you can expect from your oven.

    Life-expectancy of Ovens

    Ovens are ubiquitous appliances, used in households and commercial producers of consumables.

    They can last for an average of 13-15 years, longer if you take special care of the oven.

    However, there are a lot of factors that can affect the oven’s lifespan.

    Here are the factors that you should take note:

    The oven’s craftsmanship quality

    Years ago, ovens could last for two to three decades.

    Companies made ovens out of heavier metals, and their machinery is mainly mechanical.

    With the advancement of the electronics age, ovens improved to run on electricity.

    Manufacturers now make ovens out of lighter materials, such as plastic, and function on electronic components.

    However, these materials are quick to degrade; thus, an oven’s lifespan these days is less than 20 years.

    An electric oven can last about 13 years, but gas-powered ones have an additional two years.

    Frequency of use

    Like any object, a more frequent use means it will wear down quicker.

    Ovens that are used daily, like those found in bakeries and restaurants, have a shorter life expectancy.

    Those that are used rarely, such as only using it to heat pizzas, last longer.

    If you’re the latter, then you can expect your oven to last a bit longer than its expectancy.

    But, if you frequently use it for your cooking or baking hobbies, it will wear down sooner.

    Level of care

    How often and adequately you take care of your oven can significantly boost its lifespan.

    Cleaning it correctly and regularly keeps it functional for longer.

    Wiping down spills and stains can keep it looking clean and prevent those substances from seeping into the oven components.

    Using its self-cleaning feature barely or even never definitely helps the oven’s longevity.

    Hiring expert maintenance specialists to do regular inspections and maintenance to your oven keeps its functional life-expectancy longer.

    Tips for Maximizing Oven Lifespan

    A sure-fire way to keep your oven’s functional longevity is to take its maintenance into your hands.

    Here are some tips to extend your oven’s lifespan.

    Keep it Clean

    Keeping your oven’s insides clean is an old way to keep its performance and longevity up.

    Cleaning up drips and spills may be the least you can do, but this much helps the oven’s functionality.

    Letting grease and spills, build-up causes the oven, especially its heating elements, to expend more effort.

    Thus, its lifespan will get shortened, and your energy bills will increase.

    Avoid Using the Self-clean Feature

    It might seem like a good idea to leave your oven clean itself if it has a self-cleaning feature, but it really isn’t.

    The self-cleaning feature burns off food particles stuck inside the oven by using high heat.

    Not only does this release the foul smell of burnt particles, but it also wears on the components of your oven.

    It is better to stick with cleaning the ovens by hand.

    Invest In A Surge Protector

    Power surges may happen unexpectedly and fry your oven’s components.

    Connect it to a surge protector to ensure its components don’t take electrical damage.

    Arrange For Routine Maintenance from Experts

    Maintaining your oven’s upkeep on your own is good for its longevity but getting aid from an expert repairman is even better.

    While you can do the usual maintenance, your appliance repairman can look into the oven’s more complicated components.

    Contact a certified appliance repair company to conduct routine inspection and maintenance for your oven.


    Your oven is an essential appliance for your food needs, even when you just use it to heat fast food.

    Now you know the helpful tips to extend its functionality and longevity.

    You must take routine maintenance of it, especially if you use it frequently.

    To give it better care, hire professional repairmen to inspect and repair it.

    Your oven may not last forever, but at least you can maximize its lifespan with these tips.

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