Dryer Maintenance Tips From Appliance Experts

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    Dryer Maintenance Tips From Appliance Experts

    Dryer Maintenance Tips From Appliance Experts

    Common household appliances are sometimes disregarded and are usually taken for granted.

    The dryer may be one of the simplest machines commonly found in homes, but it is also dangerous.

    Failures in cleaning and maintaining might cause trouble and discomfort such as fire from overheating, malfunctioning, and the likes.

    Modern households usually have a clothes dryer and somehow neglect its need for maintenance and repair.

    Of course, appliance repairs and appliance repair companies still exist, but home maintenance can also help extend the dryers’ shell life and avoid expensive machine care.

    Moreover, if a neglected dryer with an exhaust hose blocked with dust, lint, and clothing fibers is used, imagine the discomfort it brings, which may also lead to overheating.

    Therefore, proper dryer maintenance is indeed a way to save for any additional repair costs and help you enjoy the dryer machine’s efficiency.

    Explained below are some of the Dryer Maintenance Tips from the Appliance Experts that can help you in maintaining your machines!

    Of course, the dryer machine still needs occasional maintenance from an appliance repairman or any appliance repair company.

    When that time comes, don’t forget to give us a call!

    Clean The Dryer Drum Monthly

    Gently clean the drum with water to distinguish the residue left behind by the detergents, sheets, and so on.

    Mix water with vinegar with a 50-50 proportion, spray it onto the drum, and wipe it thoroughly with a clean cloth.

    Rinse or use another cloth material to clean the drum with water again.

    Lastly, dry the drum with a towel and leave it open to let the air out.

    Remove Lint From The Lint Filter

    Regularly cleaning and removing the lint from the lint filter is essential in maintaining your dryer.

    Indeed, the removal of lint and other residues from the contaminant, detergents, and clothes will improve the efficiency and speed of your dryer.

    Moreover, a lint-free dryer can help reduce risks.

    Remember, lint is a highly flammable substance that will eventually catch fire when accumulated in the vent.

    Cleaning And Inspection Of The Exterior Vent

    Cleaning and inspection of the exterior vents is a regular task that reduces the potential risks of dryer fires.

    Ensure no visible lint accumulation in the duct and confirm that the vent flaps are open when using and closed when not.

    To ensure safety, you can call an appliance repairman for inspection.

    Replacing Outdated Dryer Ducts Or Vent Hoses

    Dryer transition ducts are the indoor hoses that connect the dryer to the main vent outlet.

    Plastic and vinyl vent hoses are considered to be out-dated and are no longer safe to use.

    If your ducts used these materials, have it replaced with a metal vent hose brought from any appliance repair company.

    Moreover, local building codes listed some materials such as flexible, semi-rigid, rigid, and compact vent ducts for household use.

    Specifically, appliance repairers are the best in this kind of maintenance and inspection.

    Vacuum Or Clean The Vent Hose And The Area Surrounding The Dryer

    Clogging and accumulation of lint in the dryer transition ducts are unavoidable.

    Moreover, lint as a flammable substance is indeed a significant issue, making this tip a valuable one.

    To help you avoid risks, clean the vent hose every six months.

    Furthermore, the repetition of these tasks depends on how frequent you do laundry.

    First, unplug the machine. Second, vacuum the exhaust duct on the unit and loosen the lint by using a brush.

    Lastly, clean the vent hose again before reconnecting the machine.

    No Cluttering On The Top Of The Dryer

    An important “to-do” thing when you have a dryer at home is to avoid clutters on top of it.

    You can temporarily put some stuff on top of it but remember to take it, not leaving it for a long time.

    Frequent Drying Of The Door Gaskets

    Door gaskets are indeed a valuable thing and are needed to be kept dry at all times, if possible.

    By doing this, you can avoid the growth of molds and prevent wearing.

    This tip may be the simplest out of all the dryer maintenance tips, but it’s also the most vital one.

    Securing the The Dryer Machine Position

    Balance also plays a role in ensuring the efficiency of a machine.

    Placing the dryer in an imbalanced location can cause thumping and shaking of the said dryer machine.

    Furthermore, by providing the machines’ balanced position, the machine’s speed and efficiency will increase significantly.

    Be Aware Of The Common Warning Signs of Dryer Damage

    Being aware of the machines’ status is indeed the most crucial tip of the day.

    Yes, knowing the problem ahead of time will decrease risks and prevent any further issues.

    If you can mend the dryer problem at home, then you can do it by yourself.

    If not, remember to contact your appliance repairman!


    Knowing the right tips to maintain and secure any machine’s efficiency is one of the qualities and the owner should have.

    Moreover, performing these easy tips plays a crucial role in the life of your machine.

    Now, you know some tips on how to maintain your dryers at home.

    Remember to meticulously do these things and start spinning your dryer for years to come!

    For your dryer repair and maintenance, A1 Appliance Repair has the tools and skills to bring back the life in your dryer.

    Call us now and experience swift and reliable appliance repair and maintenance services.

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