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    • Why is Your Refrigerator Not Cooling

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        Are you having a problem with your refrigerator for not cooling enough like it’s supposed to do?

        A warm fridge is a sad situation since you’re risking your food to spoilage, and it can be annoying to find out that it needs fixing, or a replacement.

        This guide will surely help you identify your warming fridge’s possible causes and know what are the possible inexpensive solutions for it.

        Check the Power Cable

        When the fridge is not working well and not keeping up with the required cool temperature, people quickly assume that probably a part of the fridge is damaged.

        However, there are times when the only problem is that they forgot to plug in the power cable to the sockets.

        The next time your refrigerator is working in an unusual manner, make sure to check first the power cable to avoid false alarms.

        If it is still not working, check if a faulty socket or power cable causes it.

        Whatever the problem is, consult with an Appliance Repairman for professional help.

        Check the Thermostat

        An out-of-position thermostat might cause another no-brainer problem to your warm fridge.

        Make sure to locate where your fridge’s thermostat is and check if it has tampered.

        Then, return it to standard thermostat settings, and your fridge is back to normal.

        Lack of Proper Air Circulation

        Another reason that your fridge may warm is due to the lack of proper air circulation.

        If the food inside your fridge is blocking the vents, it can hinder the cold air that should be circulating.

        Organize the food inside your fridge.

        Avoid placing it in front of the vents to allow the circulation of cold air.

        Door Gasket Needs Attention

        Door gaskets are responsible for keeping the fresh and cold air inside the fridge to prevent food spoilage and air leakage.

        If the light inside the fridge doesn’t turn on or off when you close the door, then there’s something wrong.

        If it is moldy or dirty, you have to clean the gasket. But if it’s damaged, replace immediately.

        Door Switch Problem

        Refrigerators stop cooling when the door switch is faulty or when it is open.

        If you notice the light shuts off upon pressing the door switch, it’s functioning well.

        If not, you might have to get it fixed by an Appliance Repairman.

        Check Internal Parts

        Underneath your fridge is its backbone — compressor, coil, fan, and air damper.

        These are prone to dirt or dust which prevents the fridge from performing at its best.

        If the above reasons did not work to cool your fridge, maybe there are technical problems.

        Refrigerator Compressor

        The compressor is located behind and at the bottom of the fridge.

        If you notice that your fridge is not cold anymore, but the freezer fan is still running, there’s something wrong with your compressor.

        To address this, you need to buy another compressor and need professional help to do this.

        Contact an Appliance Repair company to do the compressor replacement service.

        Condenser coils

        Condenser coils are usually situated at the bottom of your fridge. It leads from the compressor and towards the freezer.

        If condenser coils are clogged or filled with dirt and dust, it can cause poor air circulation creating a warm temperature inside your fridge.

        To address this, clean the coils by first turning off the fridge’s power then remove the toe grill.

        Using a coil brush or small vacuum cleaner, remove the dust from the coils. Install the toe grill back to its place and turn on the power.

        Evaporator Fan

        If it’s malfunctioning, don’t get concerned if your freezer is warming up since it’s responsible for blowing the cold air you feel when opening the freezer.

        A replacement will do for a malfunctioning fan.

        Always consult a professional to make sure you’re buying the right fan for your fridge.

        Air Damper

        The air damper controls the cold air shared from the freezer to the fridge.

        If the air damper is damaged, the cold air cannot travel from the freezer to your fridge.

        With this, there is a need to install a new air damper.

        When All Else Fails

        If you fail to recognize the real problem for your refrigerator, always call for a professional to handle it since they know more about the complicated stuff going on in your fridge.

        For your fridge repair and parts replacement, trust only A1 Appliance Repair.

        Call our expert staff now.

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