Common Fridges Repair

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    Common Fridges Repair

    Common Fridges Repair

    Our fridge is probably one of our home’s most valuable appliances. It protects our food from spoilage and contamination and keeps it fresh for longer.

    Despite the compact build of modern fridges, none of them are unbreakable.

    Eventually, wear and tear will degrade your fridge’s quality, resulting in common to severe fridge issues and damages.

    That said, all refrigerators have limitations, and how long it will last depends on how we use them.

    As soon as your fridge manifests subtle and noticeable symptoms, we recommend seeking professional help to tend to it before the issue worsens.

    Moreover, troubleshooting common fridge problems is relatively easy.

    Here are a few issues common among fridges as well as some ideas on how you can fix them.

    If any of these seem daunting for you to do, calling an expert is the best decision.

    Water Leaking

    Over time, your fridge’s defrost drain pan can chip off and cause water leakage.

    Most of the time, you can find this near the freezer’s door frame.

    Moreover, food particles and waste materials can block the drain hose, causing ice buildup and water to seep out of the freezer and into the fridge compartment.

    Additionally, ice residues left under your fridge can melt down and leak to the floor.

    Regardless of the cause, water leakage reduces the fridge’s efficiency, as it also disrupts the function of your fridge’s thermostat.

    Unit Cycling Too Often

    A noisy fridge is an inefficient and power-hungry appliance.

    Not only is the excessive noise annoying, but it also implies a poorly functioning motor, causing an energy spike.

    A fridge that manifests frequent and irregular cycling might have a dirty coil or a worn-out compressor motor.

    Before inspecting your appliance or calling the repairmen, check your fridge temperature first.

    A very low fridge setting can also cause frequent cycles, resulting in food spoilage or an overworked fridge compressor.

    Otherwise, call an appliance repair technician to troubleshoot the freezer mechanism, thermostats, and coils thoroughly.

    Warm Compartments

    Usually, the cold air from the refrigerant flows to the freezer, where cold air trickles down to the rest of the fridge compartment.

    However, if your fridge has a relatively cool freezer but a warm fridge compartment, you might have an airflow problem.

    In other words, cold air from the freezer cannot flow to the rest of the compartments.

    Most of the time, this has to do with the freezer’s evaporator fan.

    The component is responsible for delivering cold air into the food storage compartments, so if the fan malfunctions, then you might have to call an appliance repairman.

    Overflowing Ice Maker

    More often than not, a faulty water exhaust valve can cause an overflowing ice maker.

    When the valve pressure gets too low, or the power is cut off, the valve may not shut completely.

    As a result, water will leak into the ice maker from the valve, causing the compartment to overflow.

    Food Compartment Frost

    You’ll want to keep raw meat in the freezer and fresh fruits and veggies on the crisper.

    However, a malfunctioning thermostat might fail to shut the cooling cycle down as soon as it reaches your chosen temperature.

    As a result, it will keep the cycle running the refrigerants to the freezer coils.

    This continuously decreases your fridge’s temperature, eventually freezing the crisper and other compartments.

    Replacing a defective thermostat can be challenging without a genuine spare part, tools, and knowledge in appliance repair.

    Hence, we recommend calling A1 Appliance Repair to replace your fridge thermostat.


    One of the essential appliances in our house, as described above, is the fridge.

    Keep your fridge in pristine working condition and protect your food and the family you love.

    If your fridge manifests any of the above symptoms, don’t hesitate to seek help from A1 Appliance Repair Services.

    We have a trained and qualified team of curated technicians to resolve any fridge problems and parts replacement.

    Our company stands by our vision in providing quality and safe appliance repair in Richmond Hill for a reasonable price.

    A1 Appliance Repair guarantees round-the-clock professional repair and maintenance service wherever you are in Richmond Hill and neighboring areas.

    Feel free to speak with our friendly staff for an appointment and a free quote.

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