When To Replace Kitchen Appliances

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    When To Replace Kitchen Appliances

    When To Replace Kitchen Appliances

    When you hear a clunking noise, notice a water leakage, or your cake is under baked, there must be something wrong with some of your kitchen appliances.

    But a broken kitchen appliance doesn’t mean that a repair is impossible.

    Calling a residential technician or watching a DIY video online is valuable resources when you experience appliance problems.

    However, there are cases that an appliance needs more than just a repair.

    If it is more than its lifespan or the damage is beyond repair, you need to buy a new one.

    If you’re wondering when to replace kitchen appliances, this guide will walk you through each of them.

    When Do You Need a New Kitchen Appliance?

    Every kitchen appliance usually needs a replacement when it reaches its lifespan.

    Usually, it lasts for approximately 10 to 15 years.

    But there are cases when the damage is beyond help.

    These are the indicators when to replace kitchen appliances:


    As useful as a dishwasher is for cleaning the dishes, it can break, get old, and needs replacement.

    A typical dishwasher lasts for ten years when well-maintained.

    However, when you begin to notice these problems near the end of its lifespan, it’s time to replace it.

    • Visible rust that can cause water leakage
    • Water cannot drain properly
    • The door won’t latch or close properly
    • Dishes are cold after washing
    • Cracks to the door or frame
    • Water is leaking under the unit
    • Dishes are dirty after the cleaning cycle

    In some cases, parts replacement or repair is suggested to fix the issues.

    But most of the time, a replacement is recommended.

    To be sure, you need to check the problems with a technician in York to give a proper diagnosis.


    It’s difficult to live without a refrigerator.

    When faced with problems, it could lead to food spoilage and the risk of bacteria development.

    As a result, it could affect the quality of the food and the health of you and your family.

    When it comes to the refrigerator, you need to replace it when it’s near the end of its life and showing the following signs:

    • Condensation in the fridge
    • The motor is too hot to touch
    • Warming fridge which can spoil the food faster
    • There’s an ice build-up on the freezer
    • It creates a strange noise
    • Cooling is improperly distributed within the fridge

    The signs above usually manifest near the end of its lifespan, which is about ten years.

    If you’ve been experiencing the following signs with your fridge, it’s time to check them with a specialist because it might need a replacement.

    With this, call A1 Appliance Repairs for a check-up.

    Stove & Oven

    Cooking is entirely impossible without a stove and oven.

    While these appliances last for 10 years, you need to check the condition once in a while.

    If you see signs with your stove and oven, or when they’re a decade old, a replacement is the best choice, especially if:

    • There’s a crack in the glass (electric stove)
    • The burner won’t light or heat properly (stove)
    • Strong gas smell in the gas units indicating a leak (Stove)
    • It takes forever to preheat the food (oven)
    • The food is cooked unevenly (oven)

    While repairs are possible for these issues, it may be too pricey.

    If the repairs demand 50% or more than the price of a brand new stove and oven, it’s better to buy a new one.


    Aside from the oven and stove, a toaster is also a kitchen appliance that provides convenience to cooking.

    However, it is designed to last for five years only.

    If you notice smoke or it sparks when it’s on, you need to replace it.


    Like a toaster, a microwave can hold up to 5 years, but it might be lesser for low-quality models.

    If your microwave generates a burning smell, creates sounds, or difficulty pressing the controls, it’s time to replace it.

    While the issues can be repairs, it’s never worth it, especially if it’s expensive.

    Thus, replacement is the best choice.

    The Verdict

    We hope this guide helped you in determining when to replace kitchen appliances.

    Repairs can be another option when they’re damaged.

    However, when the cost of repairs is almost the same as a new unit’s price, a replacement is the best option.

    If you don’t want to experience issues with your kitchen appliances, there are ways to maintain them.

    You can watch the video on the maintenance tips.

    You can also call A1 Appliance Repairs.

    We provide residential and commercial appliance repairs in York.

    Call us now to receive our same-day service!

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