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    5 Signs You Need Major Appliance Repair in Richmond Hill

    5 Signs You Need Major Appliance Repair in Richmond Hill

    We can’t live without our appliances since they carry most of our heavy load, from the laundry, dishes, and even cooking.

    With it, we can spend more time with our family and do the things that we want.

    That’s why it can be an inconvenience if our appliance starts manifesting some issues.

    But there are ways to spot the signs when the appliances start to break down.

    Here are the five signs to look for when your appliance needs significant repair, especially if you’re in Richmond Hill:

    Electric Bill is increasing

    Make it a habit to check your electric bill and see if it has increased or decreased monthly.

    Your electric bill can be a goldmine of information to see if your appliances are working efficiently.

    It also helps you predict your consumption trends so you can prepare for the next month’s bill.

    However, when the electric bill starts to skyrocket abnormally, then your appliances might be the culprits.

    If you have been ignoring your appliance for a long time, maybe it’s time to do a maintenance check.

    Old and malfunctioning appliances have less efficiency and therefore increase power consumption.

    In return, these appliances have an adverse impact on your electric bill, so check if you need an appliance repair.

    The appliance is not working properly

    You tend to ignore all the small changes that are happening to your appliances until you recognize that it is beyond the safe thresholds.

    You might notice your dryer won’t dry clothes anymore, or your refrigerator is a bit warm, resulting in food spoilage.

    Sometimes, you might notice your dishwasher is not cleaning your dishes properly or is leaking.

    These subtle changes in your appliances can be a bit alarming, especially if left unattended.

    It can even lead to more significant problems if you will not take action right away.

    Prevention is better, so make sure to act upon subtle changes. Research, or check your manual to do something about it.

    And please, avoid DIY if you’re not an expert on fixing things.

    If you notice your appliances behaving improperly, always seek help from an Appliance Repairman because they know better, and you can trust that your appliance is in good hands.

    The appliance is making strange noises

    Appliances typically make noises when they are in operation. But when you think the noises are unusually loud and strange, then you might have a problem.

    If your dishwasher is making hammering noises or your washing machine gives a loud, banging noise, then check the manual for basic troubleshooting or have a professional repairman inspect it.

    The dishwasher might need a replacement for the inlet valve, or your washing machine needs a bit of inspection in the parts.

    Or your refrigerator requires cleaning the coils.

    No matter the reason is, make sure to address it immediately.

    If you think your appliance needs more than a minor fix, then it’s time for you to call a professional.

    The appliance takes longer to do the job

    If your appliance has been with you for a decent amount of time, you should notice if it takes longer to finish a task.

    However, if your oven takes more than 3 minutes to warm a loaf of bread or your freezer cannot make ice overnight, then consider setting up an appointment for appliance repair services.

    Your appliance is already old

    If you already notice your appliance is having problems, maybe its components are worn out and old, requiring constant maintenance or perhaps a replacement.

    That said, here is the average lifespan of major household appliances:

    • Dishwasher: 9 years
    • Electric Range: 13 years
    • Dryer: 13 years
    • Freezer: 11 years
    • Gas range: 15 years
    • Microwave: 9 years
    • Refrigerator: 13 years
    • Washing machine: 10 years

    If your appliance is nearing its lifespan, then get it checked by a professional repairman to see if it needs maintenance (which can be pretty expensive) or a parts replacement.

    Prevention tips

    Maintaining your appliances is the best way to avoid issues that can lead to major repairs.

    Here are some few tips to consider:


    Checking on your refrigerator coils will do the job.

    If it is dusty or dirty, then you need to clean the dirt off since dirty coils contribute to a warming refrigerator.

    Use a coil brush or a small vacuum cleaner to get rid of the dirt.

    After cleaning, observe the fridge’s temperature if it’s cold enough.


    Don’t forget to check your dishwasher’s filters, spray arms, inlet valve, and gasket if they are still in working condition.

    Make sure that you clean and maintain them regularly to avoid major repairs.

    Washing Machine

    Check your hoses of cracks. If it does, it already needs replacement.

    Stove and Oven

    Vent filters and range hoods are prone to oil and dirt because of the food.

    Clean them regularly to make sure it’s still functioning well.

    The oven has a self-cleaning feature, so don’t forget to use it.

    Make sure to clean the crust left inside the oven.

    Call a Professional

    When your appliance needs more than just minor maintenance and needs saving, then it’s time to call for a professional.

    Finding an Appliance Repairman Company is such an easy task when you’re in Richmond Hill because it’s a thriving business district with many options to choose from.

    For your appliance repairs and maintenance, trust only A1 Appliance Repair in Richmond Hill.

    Feel free to message our staff and set an appointment.

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