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    5 Major Warning Signs That Your Refrigerator Is Broken

    5 Major Warning Signs That Your Refrigerator Is Broken

    If you notice your food is quickly spoiling, then there’s a good chance that your fridge needs a replacement ー or simply a quick and thorough repair.

    How can you tell if your refrigerator needs a replacement?

    Well, some signs are apparent, while others can be obscure.

    But whatever the reasons are, a faulty fridge can dramatically increase your expenses in ways you do not expect.

    That said, the first thing to keep an eye on is your electric bill. If it manifests a spike in power consumption, then the next thing to do is inspect every appliance, including your fridge.

    If your fridge is old, then some components could be out of the market. Hence, repairs can be expensive, so it might be a practical idea to buy a new one.

    To save money and time, head on to read these five signs to identify a broken fridge.

    After reading it, you might want to assess your refrigerator and have a good talk with yourself, or a repairman, whether or not it’s time to buy a new one.

    Your food is spoiling faster

    A fridge has only one task: To keep your food fresh (and frozen).

    If your fresh food is spoiling quickly, then there must be something wrong with your fridge’s cooling system.

    First, you have to check the temperature settings. The normal range is between 37 and 41 degrees Fahrenheit.

    If it is out-of-position, then bring back the settings to its normal range.

    Next, you have to check if the rubber gaskets are still tight. The gaskets form a seal to keep the cold air within the fridge.

    If you find worn-out portions in the gasket, we recommend replacing the seal entirely.

    But if it’s only moldy, then cleaning with a brush and soap will do.

    But if all else fails, your fridge is wasting energy while it’s not doing its job properly. It’s time to buy a new fridge.

    If you want to be safe, ask an Appliance Repairman if it needs some repair or a replacement already.

    You can hear the motor’s sound

    Refrigerators that use the latest compression and cooling technology only emit slight noises. Whenever you begin to hear a strange and loud noise from the compressor, you know it’s not a good sign.

    Motors regulate temperatures inside the fridge, so if it’s making a sound as soon as it powers, it’s losing thermal efficiency.

    That’s because the sound may come from excessive friction or a loose component. Hence, a rattling fridge might increase your energy bills.

    If you notice that the motor sound does not stop, you should have a professional check to see if it needs repair.

    Your fridge is hot to touch

    Refrigerators are warm to the touch, especially in the back part, which is fine because it only means that the radiator system is working properly.

    But if it gets really hot, then it’s malfunctioning.

    You need to check if the refrigerator coils are dirty or there are issues with the cooling system or the condenser.

    Then have a professional repairman perform regular maintenance on it.

    You can dust off the dirt or do whatever it needs to clean the coils and for the fridge to function normally.

    Otherwise, call an appliance repair company, because maybe your fridge needs more than cleaning.

    You can see condensation or frost

    If you notice that there are droplets of condensation inside your fridge, or a frost is manifesting, your fridge might only have numbered days.

    Refrigerators maintain a temperature balance between hot and cold, but they should not work too much because condensation or frost can happen.

    But don’t panic, though. There are easy ways to check if it needs a minor fix or a thorough repair.

    Your fridge gasket may be an issue. Check the previous section for the steps in inspecting your gaskets.

    Here’s a quick test to see if your gasket forms a good seal: Close the door with a dollar bill attached.

    Pull out the bill slowly. If it slips easily, you may need a technician to install a new gasket.

    If there’s no issue on the gasket, then it’s time to call for a professional repair as it may have something to do with your thermostat or compressor.

    Your fridge is old

    Just like any other appliance, the older your fridge gets, the pricier it is to repair or maintain it.

    Besides, an old fridge will lose thermal efficiency and can skyrocket your electric bill.

    In short, it’s more expensive to keep an old fridge.

    With enough budget, we recommend switching to a newer model.

    Appliance technology and innovation regularly updates every year with improvements in energy and efficiency.

    As a result, buying a newer one might cut your electric bill in half, saving you money over the long run.

    And when you compare fixing an old refrigerator vs. buying a new one – the latter is cheaper.

    So, when should you buy a new fridge?

    You might want to start looking if your fridge is already 10-20 years old and if it is experiencing all the five signs mentioned.

    Otherwise, a comprehensive repair will do the job.

    With the right appliance repair partner, you can restore your fridge in excellent working conditions without breaking the bank.

    For your appliance repair and maintenance services, trust only A1 Appliance Repair Company.

    Feel free to call our staff and schedule an appointment.

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