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    Fridge Maintenance Tips From Appliance Experts

    Fridge Maintenance Tips From Appliance Experts

    The kitchen is one of the core spaces in a home environment, and the fridge is the heart of the kitchen.

    Yes, refrigerators are one of the busiest and most used appliances in a kitchen.

    Moreover, fridges are for restocking goods, freezing, and storing foods for convenience.

    As the heart of the kitchen, refrigerators run 24/7, so it consumes a lot of energy.

    Fridges are the largest consumers of power, so it needs detailed and thorough maintenance to function efficiently.

    Dealing with a refrigerator failure is not easy.

    One has to contact an appliance repairman or even visit an appliance repair company to buy necessary machine parts.

    Furthermore, does your maintenance idea include restocking and stuffing your refrigerator until it looks like its bursting?

    Of course, the pleasure of a fully packed refrigerator is overwhelming but tell you, your fridge needs a little makeover.

    Listed and explained below are some Fridge Maintenance Tips from Appliance Experts for you to read and ponder.

    Have your fridge a little break! And if you have a few questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

    Gasket Checking

    Checking your gasket (door seal) is simply an essential tip for you to remember.

    If your gasket has damages, shrewd sides, dented and sticking dirt, and if this issue becomes worse, then gasket replacement is needed.

    These gasket issues can prevent your fridge from sealing and may cause thermal malfunctions.

    Soak a clean cloth or sponge in warm water and thoroughly wipe the door seals. Ensure that there is no dirt left.

    Here is a little trick for you to strengthen your door seal! Apply a thin layer of petroleum on the gasket to improve the seal’s suction ability.

    Vent Obstruction Removal

    A vent exists to circulate cold air throughout the refrigerator.

    Overcrowding your freezer is one of the reasons that your fridge is experiencing a cooling problem.

    Removal of the things that prevent the vent from releasing cold air is one tip to make your freezer breathe.

    Moreover, avoid putting too much on your refrigerator, especially in the location of the vents.

    Specifically, use a third of your fridge’s full capacity to let it breathe and provide efficient use.

    Cleaning Of Condenser Coils

    Refrigerator condenser coils usually are located at the back part of your fridge or the bottom.

    It is exposed to dust, and the accumulation of this dust can prevent the coils from providing heat.

    Because of heat prevention, the compressor needs to work too hard for an extended period.

    Cleaning this part is an efficient way to have your fridge work for an extended time.

    You can do this once every six months or often do it if you have an animal that shreds.

    By maintaining your coils, you can save energy and extend the number of years you have with your fridge.

    Cleaning the Condenser Fan

    Condenser fans attract a lot of dirt, sticky residues, and even small mice.

    Condenser fans are used to have the fridge cool properly and let it distribute cold air.

    Separate the access fan cover and use a brush or a vacuum to clean the fan blades.

    Also, check the refrigerator’s manual to know the location of the condenser fan.

    Temperature Check

    One way to have an optimal performance with efficiency is to check and set the temperature right.

    This tip is straightforward but a significant one.

    Ensure an ideal fridge temperature between 38 and 42 degrees with the freezer having 0 to 10 degrees.

    Be Aware Of the Fridge Content

    Keep your fridge full, but not overfull! This tip is essential to have your fridge perform at its best.

    Having your fridge filled with only a third of the area is indeed ideal.

    Scientifically, thermal mass is needed to absorb the coolness inside the fridge.

    If your fridge does not carry anything, then it is not performing efficiently.

    Also, if goods are not enough, stuff your refrigerator with water jugs and other supplements to keep them at an optimal level.

    Avoid Frost Accumulation

    Elimination of frost is a tiring tip to maintain your refrigerator. Of course, if the ice builds up in your freezer, then it needs to be eliminated.

    This kind of negligence can cause your fridge to perform poorly and cause issues afterwards.

    First, place all the goods in a clean area. Then, unplug the appliance and wait for the frost to melt.

    Remove all the melted ice and wipe the wet area with a clean cloth.

    Lastly, plug in the machine and wait to reach its optimal temperature before re-stuffing the goods.

    Light Bulbs Replacement

    Consideration for fridge light bulbs is also necessary.

    Yes, this is a simple accessory, but making it equal with other fridge accessories is a different story.

    Replacement of a malfunctioning bulb can save a lot of energy and also provide an efficient fridge performance.

    Professional Maintenance

    Scheduling a professional check-up and maintenance is indeed a good example to keep your fridge for an extended time.

    Especially if your fridge is simply out of control, knowing that you can call an appliance repairman is a must.


    Fridge maintenance is quite a challenge for a lot of consumers.

    Yes, it is indeed tiring, but over time the efficiency of having a good performing refrigerator is satisfying.

    Having your fridge run for a long time by only doing these maintenance tips is useful.

    Maintain your fridge correctly and let your goods have freezing time!

    For your home appliance maintenance solutions, trust only A1 Appliance Repair Services.

    Call our team and experience reliable and swift home appliance repair and maintenance.

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