Should I Replace or Repair my Broken Kitchen Appliances

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    Should I Replace or Repair my Broken Kitchen Appliances?

    Should I Replace or Repair my Broken Kitchen Appliances?

    The food in your refrigerator is spoiling, your dishwasher makes a loud noise, your dyers stop spinning, and even your oven won’t heat up.

    If your appliances break down too many times, you need to consider if it needs repairs or replacement.

    Big home appliances are expensive, making it stressful for you to decide if it only needs repair or if you have to replace it.

    For instance, your fridge broke down, and the cost of repairing is significantly cheaper than buying a new one; thus, your option is to repair since that choice saves money and extends your fridge’s working life.

    Choosing between repairing and replacing the appliances can be difficult. But before you call for appliance repairs or go to a store, weigh all the options first.

    Quick Guide to Repair or to Replace

    The Cost of Repair or Replace

    Repairing the appliances can be a good option if the repair cost is cheaper than purchasing a new one and dealing with adjustment costs.

    In repairing, you also have to consider the replacement parts’ availability when you decide to repair your appliances.

    Let’s say that repairing the appliances will likely cost up to 50% of the price if you purchase a new one.

    If you include the expenditures for the labor and replacement parts and the total cost amounts to 50% of the new one’s worth, then replacing the appliance is the best option.

    Appliances Life Service

    In choosing between replacing and repairing, use the 50 percent rule.

    It will be more costly if you repair appliances that are more than half of its age and consider home repairs that you should never do like the DIY craze.

    When to replace your appliances? Consider the average life span as your reference point.

    • Dishwasher – 9 years
    • Dyers – 13 years
    • Freezer – 11 years
    • Gas Range – 15 years
    • Washer – 10 years
    • Refrigerator – 13 years
    • Microwave – 9 years

    The appliance’s lifespan may also vary in usage and maintenance.

    For instance, your microwave will last longer than its lifespan as it is not much use in the house.

    Also consider the appliances warranty if you want to replace or repair.

    If your appliances are less than a year, then it is most likely still covered in the warranty, and having it repaired won’t cost you anything.

    But if your home appliances have been repaired for the past several years and broke down repeatedly, it might be time to consider an appliance replacement.

    Do you need a more energy-saving appliance?

    Another crucial factor for the repair vs. replace predicament is your appliances’ energy consumption.

    If your old appliances consume lower energy than the new model, then fixing it can be the right choice as you can save more power in the long run.

    The energy label guide is attached to all appliances, and it is the tool to estimate the energy consumption of particular appliances.

    Can Maintenance Extend the Lifespan of Your Appliance?

    Good appliances maintenance can help to extend the lifespan of your appliances.

    For instance, running your dishwasher regularly without overloading it can help to prolong its lifespan.

    Keep the areas of your range burner free from debris to avoid obstructing the flow of gas.

    Cleaning it regularly can help to avoid from repairing or replacing.

    Another tip— remove the dust and debris from your refrigerator coil that can cause more energy-consuming.

    Are You Conscious for Style?

    Replacing everything at once, might mean that your new appliances would clash with your kitchen’s design.

    To make your kitchen appliances uniform, get a new one that will match the other items’ style and color inside your kitchen.

    Your style is personal and a final preference.

    It might be shallow but this could be your chance to get rid of appliances you hate the look of and get new ones that suit your style and preference.

    In Conclusion

    It’s your choice to repair or replace your appliances, but use the quick guide above to help you spend your money correctly and ensure the best result.

    Is your kitchen appliance in trouble? Do you need of immediate assistance?

    Do not hesitate to call our company appliances services; we will give you an excellent result.

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