How to fix a Refrigerator

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    Fridge Repair Guide

    How to fix a refrigerator? Opening, reaching inside, and finally knowing that it’s warm and your food becomes spoiled.

    This easy guide will help you ease your frustrations.

    We will identify the cause of it so that you can do it yourself.

    In addition, you can discover that you really need a pro with the correct equips and portion, in order for you to tell them by showing them the part that needs to be fixed.

    This will definitely save you money as they will repair it with as much less time as possible

    Equipments and materials needed

    We need a socket or set of screwdriver, wire cutter, evaporator fan, and condenser fan.

    How to fix a refrigerator? We can help you fix your fridge easily and find potential causes that your fridge isn’t working properly.

    Make it a habit to check if the refrigerator is plugged in.

    Sometimes it can be imperfectly plugged in to socket when it is bumped.

    The fridge’s light bulb should be working when opening the door. Else, your bulb is broken or the plug is not properly attached.

    You need to check the thermostat if it is working properly.

    Make sure it’s on and not off.

    Check your freezer’s vents if it is blocked by large objects such as boxes or containers.

    It is found at the rear side of the freezer’s compartment.

    Vents should be obstacle free for cold air to flow properly.

    If pets are living inside your house, your pet’s hair can pile up in your fridge’s coils and can cause trouble.

    Clean in properly.

    The condenser’s fan should not be blocked by any obstacle and it should be spinning freely.

    New models have no fan but coils found at the back for old fridge models.

    Properly unplug your unit before pulling it out.

    Properly clean the blades and check if it’s spinning perfectly.

    Install it again and check if the fan is working along with the compressor.

    Replacing Fan Evaporator. Still there? Never miss this chance.

    When your fridge is running and yet it’s not cooling properly, then there might be a problem in the fan.

    A squealing or chirping noise on the evaporator fan indicates a problem.

    To fix this, you need to remove the cover that can be found at the back portion of your freezer compartment.

    Else, it’s covered with screws.

    Locate the cover plastic plugs first in order for you to unscrew it.

    Next is by removing the cover of the fan.

    If your fridge has a fan cover, remove the screws from the cover, then slowly raise the cover to remove it..

    Removing the evaporator fan is deemed necessary if there is a noise coming from it or if it’s not spinning, fan replacement is a must.

    Make it a habit to unplug the unit before screw removal for you to remove the fan.

    We then install the new fan motor by removing the mounting brackets from the fan motor before affixing it to the new fan.

    Detach the wirings from the previous fan and put them into the new one.

    Don’t forget to screw the fan back before you replace the cover of the panel.

    Condenser Fan Checking

    Check the condenser fan by:

    Locating the condenser.

    Unplug your refrigerator and pull the unit to a spacious area.

    Removing the back panel below to get the fridge’s compressor and fan.

    Plug the unit back in to check if the compressor is working.

    Replace the fan if your fridge’s compressor runs properly or if you hear some unnecessary noises.

    By removing the old fan to install the new one.

    You must remove the previous bracket’s fan first before you can incise the wires as near as possible.

    Divest the wires and attach them properly to its wire connectors.

    Put the screws back to the fan bracket then reinstall it at the back of your unit.

    Lastly, replace the rear cover, plugging your fridge in and put it back in its original place or any desired place.

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