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    • Why Is My Refrigerator Making Strange Noises

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        A refrigerator usually makes sound from time to time.

        That means it’s regulating the temperature inside to allow for smooth operation.

        Until you hear strange noises your fridge doesn’t naturally produce.

        You inspect at the front, back, or inside what might be causing it, only to make your frustration worse.

        So save your time and read on to figure out what might be the reason behind the annoying noise of your fridge.

        If you find out that you cannot diagnose it yourself, leave it to the professionals to do the repairs for you.

        Noise coming from the bottom and back of the fridge

        If you can hear a rattling noise coming from the bottom of the fridge, it’s the drain pan that might be causing it.

        To silence the noise, secure the pan back in place.

        If you identified the noise coming from the rear part of your fridge, then the defrost timer, compressor, or condenser fan are likely to be the culprits.

        Before you do any fixing or cleaning, make sure to unplug your fridge for safety. Identify which parts are causing the noise.

        If you have identified the defrost timer is creating the noise, then replacement is the answer, which can be quite expensive.

        If you find that it’s the condenser fan’s fault, check if there’s an obstruction.

        Use a soft brush to clean the dust and debris that accumulated between the fan blades.

        After cleaning it and it’s still making noise, consider replacing your condenser fan.

        Noise coming from the inside

        If you hear loud, squeaking noise inside the fridge, it’s probably the circulation fan that caused it.

        The circulation fan is responsible for pushing the air inside the freezer and fridge.

        It is located behind the panel at the back of your fridge.

        To eliminate the noise, push the light switch in the freezer.

        If nothing happens, replacing the circulation fan is your only option.

        Evaporator Fan

        If you hear a chirping noise inside the fridge, then the evaporator fan is the culprit.

        It maintains the freezer’s temperature, so if it’s damaged, the temperature may rise, which can cause spoilage to your meat and melted ice.

        To check if it is still working, look at the panel located at the back of the freezer.

        Check if the blade is spinning or if the wires and other components have visible wear and tear signs.

        If these parts do not function as they should be, you need to replace it.

        Condenser Fan

        The condenser fan is responsible for removing the heat and evaporating defrosted water.

        But if it’s not working properly, it makes a loud noise on your fridge.

        To inspect if the condenser fan is still working:

        1. Disconnect the refrigerator’s power from the socket.
        2. Remove the panel located at the back part of the refrigerator.
        3. The condenser fan is located at the back part of the fridge, near the compressor.
        4. Check if the condenser fan has signs of wear and tear. Inspect if there are debris, dust, or any obstruction between the fan that might be hindering its movement.
        5. If the condenser fan is worn out, you need to replace it.


        If you replaced your condenser fan and the refrigerator is still producing noise, then the compressor is the culprit.

        Try unplugging the condenser fan motor to determine if there’s no sign the noise is going away.

        If the noise still exists, then the compressor is the one causing it.

        There’s no way to diagnose it by yourself so consider an Appliance Repair for this.


        Regularly clean the dirt and debris accumulated in the evaporator fan, compressor, and condenser fan to make sure they are working properly.

        Preventive maintenance is better to avoid replacing these parts.

        But if you’re too late and you find out one of these parts is causing the noise of your refrigerator, then don’t hesitate to call for an Appliance Repairman to diagnose and repair it.

        You can save money and time if you leave it to the professionals.

        They also share some tips on how to take care of your fridge before it’s too late.

        It’s better to address the problem quickly than wait for more issues to arise. Call now and say goodbye to your noisy fridge.

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