Residential Refrigerator Repair Service in Vaughan

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    Residential Refrigerator Repair Service in Vaughan

    Residential Refrigerator Repair Service in Vaughan

    Refrigerators, no matter how important they are, can cause problems to your household, just like any electronic device.

    While most of the issues are an easy fix, you must consult a professional if the fridge requires significant repairs.

    If you’re experiencing fridge problems, give A1 Appliance Repairs a call!

    Don’t prolong the issues with your fridge any longer.

    Besides, where do you think you need to store your frozen goods, right?

    Call us now to receive a residential refrigerator service in Vaughan.

    Your Reliable Residential Refrigerator Repair Service in Vaughan

    When you rely on the job to us, rest assured we will promptly cater to you as we provide same-day services.

    We have highly trained professionals to ensure we know how to fix any kinds of refrigerator problems.

    We also conduct up-to-date training since technology has been advancing like never before.

    Our services, too, should keep up with the new technology.

    Whether you’re in Etobicoke or Vaughan, expect that we will come to your doorstep right away.

    We understand that the fridge problem can arise at any time and at the most unexpected times.

    Once you call us, tell us your problem.

    We will prepare the following tools and the right personnel fit for the job according to your situation.

    Then, we go to you to inspect the problem and give you a proper diagnose.

    It’s essential to choose a transparent company that gives you accurate prices for transparency.

    After all, we want to satisfy our customers with the best service that we can provide.

    What’s more, availing of our services means we will give you warranties.

    While we are confident that our repairs last, there are instances that your fridge can malfunction at any time.

    With this, call us for a follow-up, and we will fix the problem for free.

    Don’t bother fixing the problem with your refrigerator on your own.

    By relying on A1 Appliance Repairs, you won’t just receive our high-quality service, but we will also give a proper diagnosis for a more efficient and safe repair.

    When to Call us for Repairs

    Meanwhile, refer to the fridge common problems before calling us for a residential refrigerator repair service in Vaughan.

    1. Refrigerator keeps on running

    One of the most common fridge problems is when it keeps on running all the time.

    Typically, the refrigerator runs to maintain the cool temperature.

    But if it continuously runs, it can create noise, which could indicate a surge in your electric bill the next time you check it.

    The reason for this to happen is due to dirty condenser coils.

    Before cleaning them, unplug the fridge from the power outlet.

    Then, get a stiff brush to clean the coils thoroughly.

    However, if this issue persists, consult us about the problem to give you a proper diagnosis.

    2. Refrigerator is Leaking

    A clogged water supply and blocked defrost drain often causes water leakage.

    The defrost drain is accessible inside your freezer and can be blocked by food debris or particles.

    Pour warm water to flush the drain.

    Watch the video for the rest of the process.

    You can also examine the water supply line if it’s clogged or frozen.

    Unplug the fridge and close the shut-off valve before doing so.

    Then, examine the water supply line if it has to tear.

    If there’s a clog, consult a residential or commercial appliance repair in Vaughan.

    3. The Freezer has Ice Buildup

    The freezer functions as a storage for the ice, but there should be any buildup visible.

    Make sure to close the freezer door when not in use, as it can cause ice to build up.

    You might also check if the rubber gasket is damaged, which you need to replace once you detect it.

    If the following solutions do not help, consult us, and we’ll check what should be done with your fridge.

    4. Refrigerator is Warm

    Refrigerators should maintain a cold temperature inside while maintaining an average temperature when you touch the surface.

    However, when the surface is alarmingly warm, you need to call us for quick and professional repairs.

    It might be due to dirty condenser coils or other faulty parts.

    5. Refrigerator is Increasing your Energy Bill

    If you notice your current bill suddenly increasing, inspect your appliances that might be causing it.

    Especially for the refrigerator, if it’s old, most likely you need to replace it.

    Old refrigerators can cause an upsurge in the electric bill.

    Hence, replace it once you detect your fridge is the cause.

    Team up with A1 Appliance Repairs!

    If you have encountered the refrigerator problems above, call A1 Appliance Repairs to receive the repairs.

    When looking for a residential refrigerator repair service in Vaughan, you must seek help from a professional.

    Don’t wait any further, and call our team in Vaughan!

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