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    • How to fix an oven

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        Different oven issues are experienced by over users.

        From no heat at all to uneven cooking, this is because ovens can easily wear out due to frequent usage.

        Most of us are afraid that the oven might explode if we do it ourselves but using our guide, you can definitely fix your own oven.

        Don’t miss this chance for you might create job opportunities for others after learning this guide.

        We’ll be giving you 3 normal issues that oven owners are experiencing.

        Oven is generally a simple machine.

        Like any appliance that can go wrong any time due to frequent usage.

        From missing parts to wear and tear.

        Don’t miss the opportunity to save money by fixing it on your own.

        Oven is not heating properly or no heat at all

        Issue:: Igniter might be broken.

        Solution: Check if it’s a gas line problem, you can easily check if the gas is leaking due to the smell or hissing sound.

        Check if the stove is receiving any gas.

        Testing the burners is the best example of it.

        Upon setting temperature on the gas oven, few indistinct clicks then a whooshy sound on the gas upon ignition.

        Else, turn the oven off and replace the igniter.

        Some of the process differs from one another due to the brand and model.

        In general, the best thing you can do is disconnecting the range from its power. Next is by removing the screws.

        Don’t forget to detach wiring connections.

        Before you reconnect everything back after replacing the igniter.

        Issue: For an electric oven, the gas igniters, heating elements can be easily worn out over time.

        If the heating element is not glowing in a reddish color then it needs to be fixed.

        Solution: If it’s not glowing in a bright color or not glowing at all then a replacement is a must.

        Nut driver or screwdriver is all you need.

        Disconnect the oven from its power source, remove any coverings, remove the screws that’s holding the element.

        After removing the element, replace it with a new one and return all covers and screws properly.

        The temperature isn’t hitting the proper heat settings

        If cooking time is too long and yet undercooked, then your need not to worry.

        We will teach you how.

        Issue: Temperature sensor on the oven is faulty.

        Solution: Check if the temperature sensor is not touching any walls inside the oven.

        This might cause malfunction and will affect the temperature reading of the oven.

        Just reposition the sensor, you can use ohmmeter and check if the sensor is still ok.

        A reading should be seen when you check the sensor with ohmmeter.

        Replace it if no reading is present.

        Issue: Correct temperature cannot be reached.

        Just recalibrate the sensor.

        Solution: Oven thermometer can be used to check the accuracy of the temperature sensor.

        When preheating the oven at 350 Fahrenheit, and take a temperature reading every 20mins until it reaches 2hrs.

        Getting the average result by computing it can let you check if it’s ok.

        Else, replace the sensor.

        It’s not cooking evenly, worst is uncooked at all

        Baking a whole chicken can check if the cooking of your oven isn’t sufficient.

        You can also try to bake some bread.

        Issue: Temperature sensor and heating element checking is the thing that you need to consider because those components serve its purpose.

        Solution: Preheating your oven can help you ready your oven before its actual cooking and this activity also serves as a good time for you to observe if there’s something wrong with your unit.

        Issue: There are ovens that are having different kinds of cooking techniques, it’s up to you to discover it.

        But cooking in terms of uneven cooking is a different story.

        It might be caused by not properly positioning the rack or the oven safe cookware that you are using during the cooking procedure.

        Solution: The use of various baking cookware such as baking pans, reflects heat a lot and if not careful it can destroy your readied meal.

        Replacing it from time to time can be a good idea.

        Cleaning your oven properly also helps the heat of the oven circulate properly.

        Height adjustment or food placement on your oven also helps you achieve the right cooking temperature efficiently.

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