Dishwasher Maintenance Tips from Appliance Experts

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    Dishwasher Maintenance Tips from Appliance Experts

    Dishwasher Maintenance Tips from Appliance Experts

    A dishwasher is a common home appliance used from time to time–one that we use to clean our kitchenware after every meal, a coffee, or a snack.

    Average households, especially those capable of purchasing one, should be aware of the machines’ situation: wear, speed, and performance.

    Of course, dishwashers vary depending upon its model, build, or type.

    Usually, homeowners would think that all dishwashers are self-cleaning.

    But in reality, the stains and other food debris would only build up inside the appliance.

    That said, prevention is better than cure, and maintaining your dishwashers is a practical way to save more in the long run.

    Along those lines, here are some dishwasher maintenance tips from appliance experts that you need to know.

    Cleaning the Filter

    Cleaning the filter is another handy tip to have your dishwasher perform at its best all the time.

    Leaving the dishwasher filters uncleaned can lead to food build-up inside the machine and unpleasant odors.

    Therefore, take the time to remove and clean your filters once or twice a month.

    Also, check the user’s manual to locate the filter and know what type of filter to use.

    Moreover, the filters are mostly installed separately, making them detachable from the assembly.

    Hence, you have to carefully detach it and clean it properly to ensure that no scratches or defects remain.

    That way, you can have your dishwasher perform efficiently.

    A quick tip for you! Use warm water in cleaning your filters so you can soften dirt and stiff food remains, resulting in a more thorough cleaning.

    Use Vinegar to Reduce Stains and Food Build Up

    Vinegar is an acidic substance that helps counteract and remove food stains and food debris build-up in your dishwashers.

    Also, vinegar can dissolve soap scums, gums, and brines.

    So, vinegar is a potent and beneficial cleaning agent for any household appliance, including your dishwashers.

    Place a safe dishwasher container on both the top and bottom rack, then pour a cup of vinegar.

    Turn on your dishwasher and let the vinegar disinfect the appliance.

    This process can also break down the food build up inside the appliance.

    Proper Dish Loading

    Loading your dishes properly can contribute to your dishwasher’s lifespan.

    Loading may be a simple thing, but it plays a vital role in the appliance’s washing ability.

    Here some things for you to know:

    1. Carefully read about the right cycle to use in washing different types of dishes — heavy or light. All information about what type of process to use is in the user’s manual.
    2. Grease type dishes need a few minutes being dumped into soap and water to avoid clogging after washing.
    3. Place the dishes properly and prevent overloading. Have a plan on how to load the dishes to have it cleaned thoroughly.

    Cleaning the Gasket

    The dishwasher’s gasket or seal is an essential part of the dishwasher.

    This part helps in avoiding the leaking of water during washing.

    Too much residue and molds keep you from having an efficient wash.

    So, making sure that the gasket is clean and well maintained can help you avoid further risks and discomfort.

    Inspection of the Spinning Arms

    Spinning arms helps in cleaning the dishes by spraying hot water to the wash load.

    We suggest you inspect any holes and build-ups, as this will ensure that everything is on track.

    If you find that food build up blocks the spray nozzles, use a brush to remove all the unnecessary clogged items.

    A soft or coarse brush will do, what counts is that you do this thoroughly.

    Pro-Maintenance Scheduling

    Having an appliance repairman or an appliance expert to inspect is an efficient thing to do to keep your machine from wearing and trouble.

    Local experts can help you solve problems quickly and may have you buy parts at any appliance repair company if needed.


    Most people may think that maintaining and cleaning machines are something you should do when your dishwasher breaks down.

    However, regular dishwasher cleaning and maintenance will help your appliance last longer and operate efficiently.

    Regularly maintaining and cleaning your dishwasher will also prevent unlikely emergencies, and it may even provide you with spotless dishes after every wash.

    Whether you have issues with your dishwasher or not, A1 Appliance Repair will always be at your service. Grab your phone, and don’t hesitate to give us a call!

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