Common Washer Machine Repair

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    Common Washer Machine Repair

    Common Washer Machine Repair

    Living a fast-paced lifestyle in Richmond Hill means having a partner to speed-up your daily tasks.

    Most of the time, that includes doing your laundry with a washer machine.

    Washers or washing machines help you clean your laundry fast and efficiently.

    It saves you time and hassle-free than washing it using your bare hands.

    That said, your washers experience constant stress and wear out over time.

    As a result, your washing machine will most likely experience trouble and lose its efficiency if you don’t maintain it well.

    Without regular and proper maintenance, your washing machine will start to break down and can cause problems later on.

    You can solve these issues, and if a worst-case scenario happens, an appliance maintenance specialist will save you.

    Here are some fundamental problem and tips for you to check your washing machine:

    Washer Won’t Start

    Among other washing machine issues, the most common one is probably an electrical fault.

    And out of all electrical faults surrounding washers, one that many people encounter is an appliance that won’t start.

    Check your machine’s plug-in cord. Due to continuous vibrations and movement, the outlets’ contacts can eventually detach.

    Avoid overloading your machine every use, and make sure to use a different powerpoint exclusive for washing machine usage.

    Washing Machine Lacks Cleaning Ability

    One of the most stressful problems in a washing machine is its lack of cleaning ability.

    A washing machine exists to clean and provide a quality set of clothes after washing, but what if it does not offer you the quality as it is supposed to?

    Always maintain and clean the washer’s parts and drums of your machine.

    There could be some hair, coin, or tissues contained inside of the debris filter. With maintenance, it can perform well.

    Your machine does a tedious job for you, and it requires your effort to clean it.

    Moreover, avoid overloading your machine, and the correct usage of your detergent is also essential to prevent unnecessary problems while washing.

    Washer Spinners Won’t Spin

    Spinners agitate the water, soap, and fabric inside the washer and is vital for doing your laundry.

    Hence, if the spinners don’t spin, you may need to check the electrical connection or the motor’s condition inside the tub.

    If the placement of the spinner motor is out-of-level, adjust it right away.

    On-level washing machines spin efficiently and clean your clothes within capacity.

    You may also need to check the drainage for any clogged items.

    Also, check if the drain hoses are free from any cotton fabrics and other dirt residues.

    Washing Machine with Loud Noises

    The most annoying problem that you could experience is hearing loud noises from the washing machine.

    If you cannot determine the root of the issue, we highly recommend you seek professional help to prevent further issues inside the washer.

    Check the tub bearings for any problems as well as the spinners itself.

    Also, check for any other parts that need replacement, which may be one reason why your washer is loud.

    Moreover, check your washing machine’s motor drive belt.

    Worn out motor drive belts need replacement, right away. Different parts are available to any appliance repair company.

    Washer’s Agitator Won’t Work

    Your washer’s agitator induces the motion that cleans your clothing inside the washer.

    If your machine’s agitator malfunctions, then you will most likely end up with unclean clothes and a damaged washing machine.

    Check the agitators inside the tub, and if it imposes issues, don’t hesitate to replace it with a working agitator.

    If the cogs are worn out and can no longer work, replace it right away.

    Worn out cogs are the reason why your washer’s agitator won’t work.

    Washing Machine Won’t Drain

    After washing, a dirty and murky colored water should remain in the tub.

    After taking out all the laundry, you need to drain out the water to clean your washer.

    But what if your washing machine won’t drain?

    Check your machine’s drain hose. It might have clumps of cotton fibers stuck that needs pulling.

    Therefore, check for clogs inside the hoses as soon as you find a problem draining the water.

    Moreover, the clog may exist on the corrugated tube. So, prepare a bucket to collect the clogs inside the pipes.

    Excessive Vibration and Shaking of the Washer

    Excessive vibration and shaking of the washer often happen if the machine isn’t level correctly.

    This common thing is often called a “walking washing machine.”

    You can solve this issue by rebalancing the washing machine properly to avoid further shakes.

    Also, you can check the level and place it in the right location.

    Do-it-yourself repairs indeed require knowledge about repair and your machine as well.

    You need to be aware of the needs and repair your unit might have.

    Maintenance is one way of ensuring that your washers and other appliances will last for a long time.

    The problems stated above are some of the difficulties you can experience.

    So, you better check these repair tips yourself and help your washer have a better washing performance.

    If you cannot mend the issue yourself, do not hesitate and contact our experts in A1 Appliance Repair.

    Also, our customer service is always ready to receive your call. Grab your phones and give us a call now!

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