Common Dryer Repairs

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    Common Dryer Repairs

    Common Dryer Repairs

    Richmond Hill is among Ontario’s most populated cities, with a thriving economy and technology.

    If you live in a city like Richmond Hill, you have to rely on modern appliances to keep up, especially for a time-consuming chore like laundry.

    Dryers are especially necessary as they dry your clothes quickly.

    With how you regularly use your dryer, it will eventually break down from wear and tear.

    Keeping a keen eye on it would help you spot the developing flaws and alleviate them before they get worse.

    Whenever you use it, ask yourself—Is my dryer working correctly? Or am I having trouble with your dryer?

    If you do, worry not because A1 Appliance Repair Company is here to restore your dryers in perfect condition.

    Here are some symptoms to look out for to tell if your dryer needs professional maintenance and repairs.

    Dryer Makes Strange Noises or Vibrates

    For dryer appliances that function correctly, every component should work in sync.

    However, if your dryer produces thuds and strange heavy noises, it might be drifting as it rotates.

    That’s because the drum glides installed in dryers can eventually wear down and start rattling.

    As your drum glides loosen and wear down, it creates excessive noise or strange sounds as the dryer won’t spin as smoothly as before.

    So if you start to hear your dryer causing whimpering, buzzing, or thundering noises, you should call a professional to check on it.

    Dryer Won’t Turn On

    One of the common issues amongst dryers is the broken cord or the faulty dryer door switch, which leads to a dryer that won’t turn on.

    In that case, you have to call a professional to check your dryer.

    In most cases, appliance repair specialists would also look into the circuitry and check for electrical faults within the appliance.

    A1 Appliance Repair will also inspect if your dryer’s safety mechanism is working, so it will shut down in the event of electrical overload.

    Dryer Won’t Unwrinkle Clothes

    Aside from drying wet laundry, dryers are also designed to unwrinkle fabric.

    It works by applying heat and sliding motion to clothes and fabric to smoothen them and eliminate coarse wrinkles.

    Hence, when you’re running your load in the dryer, and it isn’t doing its job, then you might want to have a technician diagnose it.

    Here’s a piece of advice — loading several clothes in one run will strain your dryer.

    So avoid this bad habit to improve your appliance’s service life.

    Better call an expert in that field to fix your appliances to prevent it from becoming colossal trouble.

    Also, it will save your time, effort, and money.

    The Dryer Won’t Heat

    Aside from the irritating noise, irregular jerking motion, electrical problems, and unwrinkling issues, many people also have dryers with a malfunctioning heating element.

    That is, their dryers don’t supply enough heat to dry out the fabric. In these cases, some of us might call directly to the professional.

    However, the first thing to do is to check the dryer setting if we turned the heat settings correctly.

    Otherwise, seeking a professional to inspect and replace the heating elements and coils should be the best option.

    Most dryers also have a thermal fuse, which is a safety feature that can fail after an overheating incident.

    The level of switch situated on the dryer’s setting menu may also enable this problem to occur.

    When the signs of distress emerge, the solution to minimize the danger of these issues is to call A1 Appliance Repair services.


    In the event of a broken down or malfunctioning dryer, think twice before deciding to buy a new one.

    If you’re up for a service that will restore your dryer without breaking the bank, A1 Appliance Repair is the solution.

    Experience a swift and reliable common dryer repair service with A1 Appliance Repair.

    Wherever you are in Richmond Hill and neighboring cities within Ontario, we have the workforce and equipment to serve you within a day.

    At the same time, we will deploy experts and heavily qualified staff to execute the job.

    In regards to that, our team uses only time-tested and standard procedures for our common dryers repair service.

    Our well-trained staff will make sure to meet whatever your needs are, particularly in the appliance repair.

    We offer 24/7 emergency services to serve you.

    With our company’s help, A1 Repair Company, your appliances, including the fridge, dryer, stove, oven, and many more, will work again in perfect condition. Call us now.

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