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    Aside from household appliances, commercial appliances undergo tougher and more stressful operations to meet the demands of the production line.

    Be it a convenience store, laundromat, fastfood chain, or a pizza house, you’ll need commercial-grade appliances that are suitable for your needs for a smooth-sailing operation.

    Moreover, commercial grade appliances are essential as they are responsible for keeping your supplies fresh and providing your customers with the best quality of your services.

    When there is a breakdown in any of your commercial appliances, it can potentially paralyze your production, making you lose a significant sum of revenue.

    Besides, neglecting the value of commercial appliance repair will not only impede the efficiency of your business, but it would also cost you a more expensive repair or replacement.

    To prevent these things from happening, make sure you will find an appliance repair company that would cater to your problem.

    Components of a Commercial Appliance

    Appliances that are subjected under proper maintenance does not completely exempt it from damages in the future.

    Repairing commercial grade appliances is not as easy as do-it-yourself tutorials.

    Commercial appliances are not the same as what we have in our home due to their size difference and complicated technical works.

    It needs a pair of skillful hands to repair the damages and provide the best possible solutions to the problem.

    A skilled and trained appliance repairman can diagnose damages and repair the following commercial appliances:

    • Dishwasher
    • Stove
    • Fridge
    • Oven
    • Range Hood

    These commercial appliances have their unique features, and each type of them requires an adept and expert appliance repairman to solve their issues.

    Dishwasher Issues

    The dishwasher is an essential component in a commercial kitchen as it doubles the efficiency of washing the dishes versus the regular manual dishwashing.

    However, this automatic dishwasher is very prone to malfunctioning.

    The following are some of the common malfunctions of a dishwasher:

    • Dishes don’t get cleaned
    • Doesn’t startup
    • Either keeps on filling up or doesn’t fill at all
    • Water doesn’t drain
    • Water Leaks
    • The door doesn’t clasp
    • It makes loud noises.

    If you see any of these problems exist in your dishwasher, it’s time to call an appliance repairman who is an expert and specializes in this field.

    Stove and Oven Issues

    You need to regularly check your stoves and ovens to detect and avoid further damages, considering that they are essential tools for cooking and baking food.

    It is dangerous to meddle with these types of appliances because they involve heat and fire.

    Although there are some stove or oven problems that you can fix by yourself, you need a professional that can do this job more efficiently and safer for you.

    The typical stove and oven issues are:

    • Gas and the electric burner won’t light up or are heating slowly
    • Electric stove won’t adjust the heat
    • Loose tube for the gas burner
    • Broken thermostat

    If you can find these problems in your stove and oven, you should call an appliance repair company right away.

    Refrigerator Issues

    We cannot deny that the refrigerator is one of the essential appliances we frequently use, using it on either household or commercial purposes.

    It will cost us significant revenues if we ignore its minor problems.

    There are some problems that can be fixed by amateurs, but we need experts in solving much more complicated problems.

    Below are the possible problems a fridge may encounter:

    • Water leaking
    • Unit Cycling Too Often
    • The compartment is warming up
    • Ice maker overflowing
    • Freezing the food too much.

    If you experience these problems already, never hesitate to call an appliance repair company right away.

    Range Hood Issues

    Also known as a vent hood.

    The range hood serves as a passageway to release excessive smokes out from the house and can also detect and remove odors, smoke, and heat.

    It would be hard to improve the air quality of your kitchen if there are any existing malfunctions in your range hood.

    These are the possible problems that may occur in range hoods:

    • Grease all over the device
    • Smoke doesn’t enter the range hood
    • The loud humming of its motor
    • Malfunctioning lights and buttons

    Professional help and guide are highly recommended on this matter to fix the problem regarding the range hoods.

    A1 Service Company

    Finding the best appliance repair company to get this job over and done with will assure you that you’re in good hands.

    Here at A1 Service Company, we offer you all of the commercial appliances repairs mentioned above, and we will guarantee you that we will provide our best services in fixing your appliances.

    We can be found at A1 Service Company Richmond Hill, and our services are extended up to these locations: Richmond Hill, North York, Etobicoke, Markham, Greentown, Vaughan, and East York.

    In Summary

    Commercial appliances are essential things that are needed every day in our lives for their usefulness and benefits that can upgrade the quality of human life.

    Subsequently, these appliances might be overused and may result in malfunctions and damages.

    Fret not, for A1 Service Company will fix these problems and will give you the best services that manifest our 12 years of competency.

    To avail of our services, call us now!

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