Integrated and Built-In Refrigerators Maintenance

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    Integrated and built-in refrigerators have become so popular these days; it elevates the modern kitchen’s chicness and style.

    Regardless of the design types, they still have the same vital roles in every household as they preserve and store your food supplies.

    With over years of keeping our food fresh, all kinds of refrigerators deserve to have a maintenance check now and then.

    A competent Appliance Repairman can help you resolve and diagnose any problems existing in your fridge.

    From its smelly odor to its faulty wirings, it is essential to have our appliances repaired, and we offer these services here on A1 Appliance Repairs.

    Integrated vs. Built-In Refrigerators

    Despite having the same function that stores and keeps all the food, the difference between these two fridges differ from their design, style, and technical aspects.

    But how can you tell which is which?

    Integrated refrigerators usually save on spaces to add more space for appliances or interior design.

    This type of fridge camouflage well when installed as they are entirely flushed, looking like cabinets with no visible compressor vents.

    The installment of built-in refrigerators is usually affixed to the wall, having compressors attached on top of it.

    Because the cabinet depth is not flushed, we can see the doors and handles of the built-in refrigerator more prominently.

    The only noticeable difference between these two fridges is the flush doors and handles versus protruding doors and handles and their counter depth.

    The design of both fridges elevates the creation of the kitchen to make it a more modern look and sophistication.

    On top of that, it gives more convenience in the house and allows your home to be more spacious.

    If you are confused about what kind of refrigerator you are using, call our Appliance Repair Company, and we make sure to check the designs and style of your fridge as we send the best Appliance Repairman.

    Maintaining Services

    Here at A1 Appliance Repairs, we ensure that we are all giving you the best quality of work that would pay-off everything you are paying to us.

    With over 12 years of proving our competencies, our job is to deliver services that are both reliable and economical.

    We have a well-adept professional Appliance Repairman to foresee future problems that may occur in your fridge and will find practical solutions to solve it.

    By following the standard check-up, we need professional help to render the technical services.

    We can check for any misaligned parts of the fridge, such as adjusting its correct level and inspect the door gaskets to check if the seals are loose and deep-clean any greasy parts.

    Our repairman will vacuum the condenser coils and fan, and we make sure to clean the hard-to-reach areas of the fridge, such as the back coils and sides with a refrigerator.

    As part of our responsibility, we make sure to replace every faulty component with brand new ones to preserve these fridges’ quality.

    To avoid further foul smell in the fridge, we can assist you in replacing the water filters and clean the drain hole and drip pan that remove condensation to prevent clogs and leaks, and

    It is good to do all of these by yourself if you can do it.

    But if you are not that confident, you can call our Appliance Repair Company for this matter.

    A1 Appliance Repairs and Our Locations

    Wherever you live in Canada, we can conduct maintenance to your fridge on your convenience time, and our services can be found in different locations.

    You can find us in our different service areas at Appliance Repair Richmond Hill, North York, Etobicoke, Markham, Greentown, Vaughan, and East York.


    Just like any other refrigerators, everyone wants to acquire the longevity of the fridge just what we wanted to.

    However, if you are struggling in doing it by yourself, A1 Appliance Repairs are just one call away to extend our helping hands to your homes.

    We provide you with services and offer you professional Appliance Repairman to assist your fridge-related problems, and we will surely give you the tips and tricks to help your fridge perform better than the usual.

    If you seek professional help on either installment or maintenance, A1 Appliance Repair will get you covered and get in touch with our amiable service team today!

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