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    Appliance Repair During Quarantine: Safety Precautions

    Appliance Repair During Quarantine: Safety Precautions

    2020 has been a year of unlikely events and global health crisis when the deadly COVID-19 marked itself across the world.

    It is tough to let people in within our premises due to the fear that people contract the virus from the outside.

    However, there are real instances where we need professional help in more specific matters.

    We’d always want to fix the faulty appliance immediately by trying to diagnose the issue and repair it ourselves —especially if it concerns your home appliances.

    However, despite our attempt in doing so, we might encounter accidents and difficulties in executing the repair, mainly because we lack knowledge and experience on comprehensive repairs and technical issues.

    When stuck at this point, you’ll have no choice except reaching out to people from the outside who can repair your appliance in the midst of the quarantine.

    It may be hard to trust these days due to the health and safety concerns, but A1 Appliance Repairs implement health and safety precautions to minimize the risks in our clients and our staff.

    Moreover, you still need to be vigilant and make sure to observe proper hygiene and maintain a safe distance from other people.

    Here are some safety guidelines you should observe.

    Always Wear a Mask

    As soon as our personnel reach your property, they should arrive in masks and personal protective equipment.

    If you have other people with you, always tell them to wear their mask the same way that you are also wearing one.

    In this way, we are eliminating the risks of contracting the coronavirus.

    Besides, following these safety protocols throughout the project will keep you safe from the threats of the coronavirus.

    Wearing a mask is one of the prevention measures to restrict the virus from attacking your immune system leading to certain respiratory diseases.

    Remember, always wear a mask and keep yourself safe.

    Always Carry a Sanitizer

    Now and then, sanitizing your hands is crucial to keep them clean and safe from infected surfaces.

    Inarguably, sanitizers and alcohol are effective protective layers to keep you from contracting microbes and diseases in your hands and arms.

    Ultimately, it can and would help you prevent the spreading of infectious diseases, such as the COVID-19.

    Appliance repairmen should have a sanitizer as well for him to use from time to time because of touching the appliance in your home that could also possibly be a carrier of such deadly disease.

    Observe Regular Handwashing

    Unfortunately, sanitizing your hands with alcohol and sanitizers won’t suffice in completely protecting you from the disease.

    While sanitizers effectively kill most germs and viruses, nothing beats regular and proper handwashing.

    You need to make sure everything in your hands and arms are thoroughly clean.

    Wash your hands with regular soap and rinse with running water.

    Do this routine for a good 20-30 seconds and you’re good to go.

    That way, you and your appliance repairman on duty will remain protected and safe before conducting the repair.

    Sterilize Tools and Equipment

    The job of the appliance repairman is to sterilize the tools and equipment

    This is one proper way of getting rid of all kinds of virus and for any precautionary purposes.

    Using the pressurized steam to heat all tools and equipment to be sterilized, this aims to get rid of the virus that is present in the mentioned things.

    Keep a Safe Distance

    The authorities and medical workers strongly advise keeping a one-meter distance from one person to another.

    Social distancing is also a reliable precautionary measure to contain and prevent the spread of viruses and germs that people may acquire from their body fluids such as saliva, sweat, tears, etc.

    By maintaining the social distance, people infected with the virus are less likely to spread it to other people.

    Deep Cleaning

    Make sure to deep clean your home after the appliance repair project.

    Right after our personnel finishes the job, start sanitizing your surfaces and disinfecting high-risk spots such as your kitchen and appliances.

    Do not be complacent about this matter and start cleaning your house.

    We do not need anything like misty fog we usually see from the television.

    We can improvise by using disinfectant sprays, rewashing the sheets, and keeping everything vacuum clean.

    A1 Appliance Repair

    If safety and precaution concern you the most, we at A1 Appliance Repair apply these services already.

    Whether it is your appliance or your safety concern, we are ready to combat all types of a faulty system and diagnose and fix the faulty appliances that you have.

    We make sure that our appliance repairmen have adequate skills and experience. We value your safety as much as you do, so we all need to work together against COVID-19.

    We offer services such as Washer Machine Repair, Dishwasher Repair, Dryer Repair, Stove Repair, Fridge Repair, Oven Repair, Range Hood Repair, and many more.

    Our services are here at Appliance Repair Richmond Hill, and we also have our service areas in North York, Etobicoke, Markham, Greentown, Vaughan, East York.

    In A1 Appliance Repair, we must stay positive in life and be COVID-19 negative.

    In Summary

    In these trying times, we must value our safety and protection to ourselves.

    Besides, we must be extra careful on how we deal with this pandemic and make sure everything is cleaned and encased.

    Providing your safety concern, we at A1 Appliance Repair, value your life as much as we love serving and repairing your appliances.

    What are you waiting for? Contact us for more details.

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