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Winnipeg family repurposes washing machine to resurface outdoor rink

A machine built to wash clothes is now resurfacing a Winnipeg family’s backyard rink.

The Theriaults built a rink in their backyard by pumping river water onto the ice and smoothing it out themselves, but the family wanted a more efficient a way to resurface the rink.

Ron Theriault, right, and son Anthony Theriault resurface their outdoor rink with what used to be a washing machine. (Walther Bernal/CBC)

Ron Theriault owns a small appliance repair shop in Winnipeg. He used his trade skills to gut an old washing machine, attach skis to the bottom and install the necessary plumbing to repurpose the machine into an ice resurfacer.

“It’s a good alternative to actually having to get pails of water, because if you had to haul that amount of water down, you’d be tired,” Theriault said.

“It works very well, and the plumbing’s removable so it won’t freeze.”

With the exception of clothes washing instructions on the side of the machine, one could mistake it for a miniature Zamboni used at Bell MTS Place.

Ron Theriault, right, and son Anthony Theriault fill up the washing machine now used as a miniature Zamboni to clean…

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