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    What to Do When Your Sub Zero Refrigerator doesn’t Turn On

    What to Do When Your Sub Zero Refrigerator doesn’t Turn On

    A refrigerator with no power is truly an inconvenience. The lights and fan are not working. The water and ice distributor don’t work. There is no light, no noise, and it has quit running. What are some straightforward troubleshooting steps to discover what has caused this before contacting a Sub Zero appliance repair? 

    Quick HELP:

  • Check that the fridge power line is completely connected.
  • Watch that the electrical switch isn’t stumbled.
  • Check the GFCI power source the fridge is connected to and reset if necessary.
  • Check for damages on the force line too. 
  • What can make a refrigerator stop worker?

    There could be a lot of reasons why your Sub-Zero fridge isn’t working. Some of the common ones are:

    • The refrigerator power cord is unexpectedly unplugged 
    • A tripped circuit breaker
    • A blown fuse in the electrical box
    • The electrical outlet is damaged
    • The electrical outlet has reset (GFCI)
    • The fridge has a damaged power cord
    • Refrigerator power cord wiring is loose inside it
    • Refrigerator interior force parts or segment flaw 

    Note: It is strongly suggested that a refrigerator is on a devoted 20-amp circuit. 

    The Importance of Troubleshooting Power Issues

    Troubleshooting some power issues is vital to help maintain the refrigerator’s lifespan. It can even save you some money from hiring a Sub Zero refrigerator repair service. Here are a couple of troubleshooting steps that can help you:

    • Turn the fridge ON
    • Check to guarantee that the power cord is connected…

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