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    Take a Look at These Troubleshooting Steps for Your Sub Zero Ice Maker not Working

    Take a Look at These Troubleshooting Steps for Your Sub Zero Ice Maker not Working

    On the off chance that your Sub-Zero ice maker isn’t working and needs a certified Sub Zero appliance repair to make it work again, we got you covered. But before you avail of our services and to help you save some money, here are some troubleshooting steps you can take to try and see if it’ll be enough to fix it!

    Typical Ice Maker Issues 

    An ice maker can quit working for an assortment of reasons. They work by getting water through a little water supply line that runs from the fridge to a water filter, water pipe, or funnel. The most well-known explanations behind ice maker issues are: 

    • The Pause Feature has been Enabled 
    • A malfunction in the water line or its setting
    • Obstructed filter
    • The thermostat temperature is too low
    • Faulty water inlet valve

    Troubleshooting Steps for a Control Arm that’s Out of Position 

    Many ice makers are equipped with a control arm that turns a pause feature on whenever the ice container is full. The control arm may have unintentionally been moved or potentially tumbled off, stopping the ice maker’s usefulness. Check the manufacturer’s manual for data about the pause feature and make sure it’s off. 

    Troubleshooting Steps for a Water Line that’s Clogged or Switched Off

    Each ice maker has a water supply line. Check to ensure the water supply valve isn’t closed off or limited by a section or clasp. 

    Troubleshooting Steps for an Obstructed Filter 

    Clogged filters are a typical issue because they are not maintained,…

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