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Remembering Frank Kampen, who built a family appliance repair store on honesty and kindness

Frank Kampen

April 27,1936 — April 27, 2021

Frank Kampen once hit the jackpot in a most unlikely place — a client’s ceiling.

In 1974, Frank, an appliance repair technician, was on a service call for a client whose dryer wasn’t heating properly, which required him to check the venting in the ceiling. There, stuffed up in the joist, he found $30,000 — close to $160,000 in today’s dollars — in forgotten cash.

What to do next wasn’t even a question.

Because the customer wasn’t home at the time, he returned to the house later that evening to point out the hidden money. The customer, who had forgotten where he’d stashed it, was ecstatic.

It wasn’t the first, or last time Frank went above and beyond for a customer. He regularly drove an elderly Toronto-based customer to see her husband, who had Alzheimer’s and lived in a home in Guelph. Despite the demands of work and young children, Frank continued to drive the customer until her husband passed away.

Those who knew the founder and former CEO of Kampen Appliance Service know those were just two of the many times when Frank showed his characteristic honesty, kindness and friendship, said Frank’s son Andrew Kampen, current president and CEO of Kampen Appliance Service.

Despite being retired for more than 20 years, Frank’s reputation lived on with his loyal clientele, and his principles are guiding the following two generations that run the now-Woodbridge-based business Frank built.

Born in 1936, Frank was…

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