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    Reasons Behind A Sub Zero Ice Maker Overfill

    Reasons Behind A Sub Zero Ice Maker Overfill

    If the ice maker overflows, you definitely get a huge mess at home. Unless you are holding a special dinner, it’s most likely that ice will be wasted not to mention the spike in the water bills. The good thing is you can call us at Sub Zero Appliance Repair, Our team knows Sub Zero ice maker repair inside and out and can assist you with the problem. But what causes this problem? Well, we will not go technical about it, but there are some reasons for an overspilling ice maker.

    A Sub Zero ice maker is simple to use, however, the process at the back of it is quite more complicated. Initially, the ice maker gets the water through a little supply line, getting the water from a fill valve that is regulated by a thermostat. It’s the valve that distributes the water in a tube to the ice mold, then the water frosts and the thermostat switches off. In many models, a small heater thaws the cubes to dispense the ice. That is when the ice is released to the bin, then the entire process starts over again. When the unit is covered in ice, you have an overfilling issue. Excessive water is being allowed to get inside, so it overflows and gets covered in ice. Once this occurs, there are two possible problems.

    Water Pressure

    If your kitchen has shown some signs of low water pressure, it will definitely affect the ice maker unit. The water inlet valve requires around 20 psi to function properly. When it is not receiving water pressure, the valve will not close properly as it stops…

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