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Personal and Household Goods Repair and Maintenance Industry

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Companies listed under this NAICS classification are defined as being primarily engaged in home and garden equipment and appliance repair and maintenance, reupholstery and furniture repair, footwear and leather goods repair, and other personal and household goods repair and maintenance. BizVibe’s detailed company profile insights help users to discover, track, evaluate, and connect with personal and household goods repair and maintenance companies from all over the world.

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What’s in a BizVibe Company Profile?
The 10 million+ company profiles on BizVibe’s platform contain high-quality insights, helping procurement and sales teams find trusted suppliers and target sales prospects. Some of the valuable information found in these company profiles include:

  • Organizational insights such as key competitors, operating categories, products, and service offerings
  • Employee details such as key company personnel, stakeholders, and decision makers
  • Company performance and risk…

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