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Ontarians need to research before booking appliance repairs, experts warn

When it comes to appliances some people feel they just don’t make them like they used to and when they break down they can be expensive to fix.

However, when a washer or refrigerator needs a repair you might be in a hurry to have a service person come and fix it, but you may want to do some research first.

“When I did an internet search the first one that came up was The A-Team,” Brampton resident Robert Dworak said.

Dworak and his wife, Sharon Morrison, said the company The A Team Appliance Repair said they could come right away to diagnose the problem with their washing machine for $80 dollars.

Dworak said at first he was told it could be repaired for $600. Then it required another repair for $400. In the end Dworak said the repairs came to $1,400 and the washing machine still didn’t work.

“I said to him can you fix this? And he told me that he couldn’t,” Dworak said. After complaining to…

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