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Homemade ice-surfacing machine gives old washing machine new life

A request for a skating rink to play hockey prompted one Winnipeg man and his son on an ambitious journey to build their own ice-surfacing machine.

Ron Theriault and his son Anthony began by clearing an area of snow on the Seine River close to their home over the Christmas holidays, but the ice soon became rough and chipped.

“Flooding the ice wasn’t working well, it was very time consuming,” said Ron Theriault. “The idea was to find a way of building a machine that you could fill up with water and (easily) move it to the river to flood the ice.”

Ron, who owns an appliance repair business, had old washing machines, some parts lying around, and a plan.

“It just seemed a shame to throw out these machines,” he said. Ron phoned his son asking for help. The first step was unloading the truck filled with supplies for the homemade ice-surfacing machine.

“There’s skis in there, there’s curling brooms, there’s all sorts of stuff and I’m like what is going on?” said Anthony Theriault.

(Image source: Anthony Theriault)

All those parts came together to create the…

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