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Community steps up to help beloved handyman after tools stolen from van

Hameed Wafa took to a neighbourhood Facebook group looking for help finding his tools after they were stolen from the back of his van last week. He never expected those neighbours to step up with hundreds of dollars and donations of tools to help him replace what he’d lost.

“I really love my tools. I forgot one of my tools in Elie, Man. a couple of months ago and I love it so much, that I went, drove all the way there to pick it up,” said Wafa, an appliance repair worker who lives in St. James.

On Sept. 11, Wafa parked his car in front of 72 Donald St. around 10 p.m. He was picking up some dishes he had lent to his friend, and was inside for seven minutes.

When he came back out, the 40-pound toolbag was gone.

Hameed Wafa repairs appliances for people for free. But when the repairman had all his tools stolen, the people he helped came to his aid. 2:32

“When I saw my tools got stolen I got so sad and I was like, ‘Oh my goodness what am I going to do?’ I had some savings and I spent all of those savings on my tools,” Wafa said.

Wafa drove around for an hour looking for it, but didn’t find anything. He then went home and logged on to the “St. James Community of Winnipeg” Facebook group and posted a message, asking for tips to find stolen property.

The Afghani-Canadian, who moved here 10 years ago, often posts on the group asking questions about Canadian culture. He is also known to group members as a helper, someone who will offer to fix broken appliances for anyone…

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