Appliance Repair During Quarantine

Can’t get a refund for bad repair service? Here are some steps you can take

You hire an appliance repair company after seeing its name pops up in an online search.

Alas, you find the service costs more than you expected and your appliance is still broken afterward. Moreover, you strike out when trying to complain or get a refund.

In 2014, I wrote about Appliance Repair Guys after a customer said he was charged $415 (plus HST) to fix his fridge, which still wasn’t working. He was offered $50 in compensation if he signed a waiver releasing the company against future claims.

I contacted the business owner, who refused to speak on the record. Later in our chat, he decided to take back his $50 compensation offer.

Since then, I’ve received regular complaints about this high-profile company and another one, Appliance Repair Man, with the same phone number, also based in Vaughan, Ont.

“Wish I could help,” I tell readers. But my emails and phone calls go nowhere.

On Jan. 24, I sent a message to Appliance Repair Man on behalf of three readers. Here’s the response.

“Dear Ellen Roseman, Toronto Star, we received your message. If your message required a response, one of our team members will contact you shortly. Best regards, Customer Service, Appliance Repairman.” (The name seems to switch back and forth from Repair Man to Repairman.)

When I’d received no contact from team members, I checked with the customers who said they were no further ahead, either.

If the media can’t help with your complaint, where should you go next?

Let’s use Appliance…

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