Outdoor Kitchen Appliances Common Problems

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    What comes first to your mind when your appliances such as refrigerators, dishwashers, microwaves, gas stoves, and dryers are damaged?

    Most likely, you will call for an appliance repairman to fix it.

    If it’s not maintained regularly, the appliances can damage, and you may need to repair or replace them with a new one.

    These are the common problems of outdoor kitchen appliances and simple tips for you.

    Washing Machine

    If your washing machine is not working – unable to clean the clothes, water is not draining, and produces a foul odor, here’s a simple fix you can do.

    For a washing machine that is not working, you should check the owner’s manual for the reset procedure.

    Check the cone-shaped plastic agitator for broken directional cogs as it can be one of the reasons for clogging.

    If your washing machine is not draining, the fabric pieces or debris can clog the pump that drains the unit.

    To remove the smell on your washing machine, run an empty cycle of hot water with a half-cup of baking soda, white vinegar.

    Leave the door open between washes to prevent moisture build-up and future odors.


    Is your refrigerator not cooling? Be careful because your food may spoil quickly.

    To address this, unplug your fridge, then pull it from the wall and vacuum thoroughly.

    If there’s no improvement in temperature, the best way is to call for an appliance repairman.

    Leaking refrigerators can damage the kitchen floor and the subflooring.

    The first thing to do is create condensation inside your fridge by letting the warm air enter.

    Second, clean the door gasket with warm water; if it does not work, replace the refrigerator.

    Is your fridge light not turning on? Release the plunger switch and clean it with warm water.

    If your refrigerator makes a noise, place a soundproofing mat, or re-leveling the unit.


    Given the amount of workload they do, expect that your dishwasher needs maintenance very soon.

    One of the best ways to keep your dishwasher in check is to inspect your dishwasher filter.

    If it’s not checked, your dishwasher may not clean the dishes properly.

    To address this, remove the filters and clean it by soaking a vinegar solution to remove the grime and dirt.

    Another way to take care of your dishwasher is to check if your door is leaking.

    Remove and clean the obstruction that prevents the door from closing.

    If it doesn’t work, clean the door gasket with warm water to compromise the seal, and if the seal is cracked or broken, replace it entirely.


    When your microwave is not turning on, reset the Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFC) by pressing the reset button.

    If it does not work, you might have a blown microwave fuse. Its location may vary depending on the model, but it is usually located at the back.

    Replace microwave fuse with a new one.

    Gas Stove

    If your gas stove igniter clicks without the burner lighting, check the burner cap if it is aligned correctly.

    Another way to solve it is a thorough cleaning. Remove the cap burner, wipe away the debris, and use a pin to pick up the trash.

    Take safety precautions when maintaining your gas stove.

    Or else, call an appliance repairman to fix the problems if you’re hesitant about doing it.


    Be careful about fixing the dryer because it draws a lot of electricity.

    If the clothes dryer does not function properly, then it’s time to get it fixed.

    A word of caution, dryers are high voltage, so make sure to unplug it before repairing.

    If your dryer does not startup, you might want to check the circuit breaker as it can accidentally flip off.

    Also, inspect the door actuator, which is the spring-loaded rod.

    If it’s damaged, then it needs replacement. It’s not expensive and easy to replace.

    On the other hand, if your dryer does not produce heat, make sure to turn the setting to a heat cycle.

    A clog in the lint filter will hold the drying process and block the vent tube.


    You can prevent the listed common problems if your home appliances are well maintained to save repair and replacement costs.

    Besides, prevention is much better than cure, so trust A1 Appliance Repair Services for your appliance maintenance and repairs.

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