Kitchen Appliances Maintenance Tips

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    We love it when our kitchen appliances are looking brand-new.

    Cleaning and maintaining our appliances can be enjoyable when we know it’s cooperating well.

    While kitchen appliances have a life-span and a replacement at some point, we need to take care of it to prevent buying another one.

    Below are the tips for each type of kitchen appliance to extend its longevity and maintain its performance.

    General Maintenance Tips

    Technology has done us well, and the invention of kitchen appliances is no exception.

    Kitchen appliances need very little assistance from us. But it also requires the care it deserves.

    Know your appliances carefully by reading the manual to know its normal operations and what not to do with it.


    To take care of the dishwasher, remove all the food chunks off your dishes before loading it for cleaning.

    You don’t want your food to be circulating inside the dishwasher and get stuck in filters, spray arms, and other areas. The cleaning would be useless.

    Inspect your dishwasher door to make sure the gasket is still in good condition.

    Gaskets hold the water inside the dishwasher, so make sure it’s not tearing or loosening, or else you might want to replace it or call an Appliance Repairman to do the fixing for you.

    The inlet valve allows water to flow into the dishwasher, so check if it’s still working.

    If it produces a hammering sound, consult with an Appliance Repair Company if it needs replacement.


    If your refrigerator is left unmaintained, it will pose problems for you.

    First, you want to check for compressor coils which are responsible for keeping your appliance cool.

    It is found at the bottom part of the refrigerator and is prone to dust, grime and debris.

    If left uncleaned, it will overheat the fridge. Make sure to clean out the dust by using a vacuum cleaner or with a sweeper.

    Check your rubber gasket if it’s still holding well because it keeps the cold air inside the fridge and saves you from energy.

    If it’s damaged, make sure to contact a reliable Appliance Repairman Company to do the replacement for you.


    The microwave is small compared to other kitchen appliances, but it needs regular maintenance.

    Clean your microwave regularly to get rid of the grime and food particles.

    The microwave will keep reheating the remaining food particles until it’s roasted to hard rock.

    It can burn the corners of the microwave.

    To clean the microwave, place a microwave-safe container, and fill it in with a mixture of white vinegar and water.

    Turn on the microwave to boil the water inside, and it will wipe off the food particles easily.

    Repeat this procedure until satisfied. Wipe the rest with a towel.


    The oven usually has a self-cleaning feature, and make sure to use it.

    All you need to do is to wipe off the crumbs after cleaning.

    But there are spots at the corner of your oven the self-clean feature can’t reach just like at the door hinges and frames.

    Clean these areas with a scrub soaked with baking soda or an oven cleaner if you have one.

    To prevent damage from your oven, avoid placing aluminum foil at the bottom as it will block the airflow and interfere with the heating elements.

    The last thing you want to do is to call for an Appliance Repairman to do the fixing.

    Gas Stoves

    Electric and gas stoves perform best when it is clean. Scrape off burned food with a toothbrush or a razor blade to loosen.

    When the range is free from the food gunk, finish it off by applying a glass cleaner onto the surface.

    And don’t neglect your vent food filter above the range. It will help prevent the area around the range and the cooktop from grease buildup if it is clean.

    It will also make the cleaning for the stove easy.

    Small Appliances

    Never neglect small kitchen appliances such as coffee makers and toasters as they also need maintenance.

    For the coffee maker, pour vinegar and water mixture into its reservoir and turn it on as if you’re making a cup of coffee.

    Follow the process with clean water to remove the vinegary taste and smell.

    For the toaster, soak a towel with vinegar and wipe out its surfaces.

    To remove crumbs inside, wash its crumb catcher, shake the machine and spill out the contents.

    Remember to unplug the toaster before you start cleaning.


    I hope you find these tips helpful for your appliances.

    If you notice your kitchen appliances need more than at-home maintenance, you can always call A1 Appliance Repair Company to do the professional services for you.

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