How to Clean Your Washing Machine

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    Does your washing machine produce a foul odor? Does it need cleaning? How often do you clean it?

    These are the common questions to ask in assessing the condition and working lifespan of your washing machine.

    Our home appliances have significant roles in our daily lives, if it breaks down it could get stressful for us.

    Deciding and hiring the right technicians may seem like a simple task, but coupled with worry, having our washing machine repaired can prove to be tiring.

    Lack of maintenance can damage your home appliances and lead to repair or even replace a new one, spending more expenses that could have been saved up.

    You must practice preventive maintenance to your appliances; it is the best way to keep running smoothly.

    Overusing without giving it the proper care can lead to malfunction, which can force you to spend money.

    3 Steps to Eliminate Washing Machine Build-Up

    Some washing machines have an automatic self-clean function and you just have to follow the manual steps to let it run its cleaning feature.

    However, there more you can contribute to your machine’s maintenance

    Use these simple steps to eliminate the build-up in the hoses and pipes in your washing machine, to ensure your clothes come out clean and fresh.

    #1: One Hot Cycle Run with Vinegar

    Run one complete cycle with hot water

    Instead of detergent, prepare two cups of white vinegar and pour this mixture to the detergent dispenser.

    Vinegar is a natural antibacterial and washing your washing machine’s insides with it ensures that microorganisms and odor-causing mildew are eliminated.

    #2: Scrub outside and inside of the washing machine

    Mix about ¼ cup vinegar and a quart of warm water.

    Use this mixture to scrub clean the inside of the machine, the inside of the door, around the door opening, and the dispenser for fabric softener or soap.

    #3: Run the Second Hot Cycle

    After you’ve done steps one and two, run another hot water cycle without detergent or vinegar.

    After the complete process, use a microfiber cloth to wipe inside the drum to remove the remaining residue.

    Tips to Clean Washing Machine

    If your washing machine produces a bad odor, it’s time for you to clean it because even the washing machine that cleans your clothes will even get dirty.

    The most common cause of the bad odors is the build-up of laundry soils, hard-water minerals, and detergent to the areas that you cannot see.

    Molds and mildew might also grow on your washing machine’s door and around its lid, contributing to the odor problem.

    To avoid the bad smell of your washing machine, cleaning it every six months, as suggested, will make your appliance become efficient and adequately maintained.

    How to Clean the Top-Loading Washing Machine

    1. Set your washing machine to the hottest and highest level settings.
    2. Add approximately four cups of white cleaning vinegar.
    3. If the cycle will start, pause the washing machine cycle and allow it to sit up to one hour.
    4. With this time, dipped a microfiber cloth into hot vinegar water and wiped down the washing machine’s top.
    5. Scrub the bleach dispenser and the fabric softener thoroughly using the toothbrush.
    6. After an hour of sitting the machine, continue the wash cycle.
    7. Then after the wash cycle, add one cup of baking soda and run another one wash cycle.
    8. When the cycle is done, remove the scum of the top inside the washer, and use a microfiber cloth for wiping.

    How to Clean the Front-Loading Washing Machine

    1. Before you will clean your washing machine washer drum, clean first the gasket using white vinegar by spraying through it, and use a microfiber cloth for wiping.
    2. The Rubber gasket at the front of your washing machine, especially for high-efficiency washers, can accumulate scum, hair, and mildew.
    3. Set your washing machine to the hottest temperature and the highest level.
    4. After setting, pour 2 cups of white vinegar to the dispenser.
    5. Run a complete wash cycle.
    6. After running the cycle, add a half cup of baking soda to the drum, then set to the highest level and hottest water temperature, and run another complete cycle.
    7. When the cycle is done, use the microfiber cloth for wiping inside the drum of the washer.
    8. And lastly, wipe down the front of your washing machine.

    Additional tip: Leave your washing machine door open when not in use to prevent the mold and mildew.

    In Conclusion

    Now, after cleaning inside and outside of your washing machine, it is ready to use again to clean up clothes.

    If something went wrong when you are cleaning with it, call your company appliances service center to help you. Call Our Team Now!

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